Essential Hair Extension Guidelines for Brides to Be


Chances are, you walk past or interact with someone who is wearing hair extensions every single day. When they’re installed and maintained correctly, hair extensions look flawless. Everyone from celebrities to stylists love them because they make it so easy to gain extra length and volume.

When you install hair extensions, the aim is to work with and enhance what you already have, not make your hair look overdone.  Extensions are great for big events, photoshoots and special occasions, weddings being one of the most popular occasions.

Hair extensions make it possible to achieve almost any hairstyle in an instant but it’s still important to take the time to decide if they’re the best option for you.

It’s no secret that hair extensions gained a bad reputation in the past, which is why there are still brides who are hesitant to consider them for such a big event. However, hair extensions are not what they used to be. Thanks to a series of technological advancements, hair extensions have transformed, ensuring your natural hair is protected.

Salons and stylists also know more about hair extensions and installation methods than they once did, which also ensures brides can achieve natural results.

If you are considering trying out hair extensions for your wedding day, here are a few guidelines that will help.

Hair Extension Mistakes that Brides Should Avoid

According to EH Hair Extensions, if you purchase low-quality extensions or have them installed by an inexperienced stylist, you could end up with the following problems:

  • Hair extensions that don’t match your natural hair
  • Noticeable extensions or visible clips, tape or rings
  • Hair that breaks off at the root, which can take several years to recover from
  • Thin hair or bald spots due to the wrong type of extensions
  • Wedding photos that you aren’t happy with

Here are a few tips that will help you have a better experience and give you the hairstyle of your dreams on your wedding day.

  • Choose a salon that works with qualified and experienced stylists that specialize in extensions
  • Discuss your wedding hairstyle with your stylist so that they know how to place your extensions
  • If you haven’t purchased hair extensions before, get a professional to assist you. This way, you will not only purchase enough extensions but the right type and colour extensions too

Choosing Extensions for Your Specific Hair Type

Before you start looking at extensions, you’ll want to take note of your hair density, curl pattern and color. Knowing how dense your hair is and what curl pattern it follows will ensure you can choose extensions that will look natural. Choosing the wrong extensions will place too much strain on the roots of your natural hair.

Once you have this information, here are the types of extensions you can choose from:

  • Tape Extensions

These extensions use tape to sandwich your natural hair between the wefts. Tape in hair extensions work well on nearly any type of hair and give you the freedom to wear almost any hairstyle. Applying tape hair extensions doesn’t take very long but they will need to be reinstalled every four to six weeks. Fortunately, tape hair extensions can be reused but they aren’t always as durable as other extension types. Women who sweat or workout a lot or have an oily scalp might require other extensions that won’t slip as easily.

  • Weave Extensions

To install a weave, your natural hair is first braided from ear to ear so that the weft can be sewn into the braid using a needle and thread. Women with thick or curly hair benefit the most from this type of hair extension. Plus coarse, thick hair can withstand the extra tension. Weave extensions last up to two months and can also be reused.

  • Clip In Extensions

Women who want a more affordable and flexible hair extension option should opt for clip in extensions. Many brides use clip in extensions to add length and volume for their wedding day. However, if your hair is thin or damaged, this is not the best choice because of the tension that the clip creates. In terms of the application, you will only need 10 to 15 minutes to do so.

In terms of choosing the right color, it’s best to stick to a slightly darker shade, especially if you’re shopping online. It’s much easier for your stylist to lighten the extensions to match your hair. Basically, you want to look at the color at the end of your hair as this is what you should shop according to. It’s also highly recommended that you go with Remy extensions, which are made with real human hair.

Why Wear Extensions on Your Wedding Day?

The bottom line is that hair extensions are popular amongst brides because it opens up the doors to an array of hairstyle options. Whether you want long, flowing locks that look perfect underneath your veil or you want to create your dream upstyle that you can add flowers to, hair extensions make this possible.

Over and above the style options, hair extensions are temporary and you can easily style them as if they were your own hair after you get married.


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