89 Cute Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Adorable


The best thing about the cute girls is they are adored and loved by almost all of the people. The cuteness of a person is evaluated differently by different persons. But some traits of a cute person can be characterised either by their physical appearances, their facial expressions, their way of talking and so on. But don’t worry if you don’t have the traits of the natural cutie. There are various ways to draw out cuteness in you. Your sense of dressing up and wearing your hair can add a lot of different personality in you and so can cuteness be added. So let’s start from the top and know about some cute hairstyles that you can pull off with different textured and size of the hair.


But before that to portray a personality through your hair, you should always keep your hair healthy. Some of the ways to make your hair right are:

  • Oil your hair from time to time.
  • Do not keep your hair out on sun for a long time.
  • Keep your hair out of dust.
  • Do not wash up your hair more. Wash according to the oiliness in your hair.
  • Go to your hairstylist for time to time treatment.

So let’s start from the top and know about some cute hairstyles that you can pull off with different textured and size of the hair.

1. Low Braided Bun cute hairstyles

The low braided bun are the fancy way to go easy. That means it can go with your fancy gown but you can also wear a cute flowery skirt to look like wonders. Highlighting the hair Balayage will surely give texture to your hair.

2. Shaggy Two-strand twist

The shaggy haircut has little strands of hair twisted and tied into one to create this cute hairstyle which has highlights of platinum white and Auburn to the dark hair for providing texture to the hair.

3. Multi-braids and Half-up Bun

The hairstyle actually gives me a vibe of a princess warrior Susan from Narnia with a bow and an arrow. Maybe it’s her idea to melt the heart of the prince by looking cute and also taking her hair out of her face to launch her arrow on the right target.

4. Space Bun Cute Hairstyles

Space bun are the ultimate way of looking super adorable. If you want to disguise a small girl for any sort of your drama to look chubby and cute, you should go for the hair-do.

5. Double Side Braid Short Waves

Are you attending as a bridesmaid to a wedding and want to look delightful to match up a little to the bride? The Double Braid waves are just the right choice. Blonde it out to match with the white outfit and you can always shimmer with the hair-clips.

6. Top-knot Asymmetrical Lob

Do you have a game or a match you need to go with your boy and need a casual way to flaunt your charm? Top-knots with a t-shirt is just the pleasant way to fit in. The Lobs are just perfect for the knots.

7. Love Braids

You should sometimes show your extra skills and impress your child and be the perfect mom making your daughter the Love Braids. It can be her hair to go during one of her school functions. The ribbon on the tail can add sweetness.

8. Top-braided Side Bun

Vacation and beach are the best way to get out of the stress, but girls have a difficult time with maintaining their hair. Protect your hair from the sun and also look endearing with the Braided Bun. You can always wear Crochet Braids not to let your natural hair get damaged.

9. Crisscross Corn-braids

Are you bored with the usual parallel or corn-braids you do as the go-to-school hair-do?  You can always spice it a little bit to give a different hairstyle with this Crisscross Corn-braid.

10. Two-close braid with Down-Pony

Showoff your love by actually creating love with two strands of braided hair with an elastic in between to your lovely daughter’s hair and which can also be put into a ponytail.  You can always wear a pink ribbon to show the girly side.

11. Shaggy Waves with Bangs

Are you going on your first date and want a little of both the sexy and cute side within you? The Shaggy with Bangs is precisely the hairstyle you have been looking. Wear something with black and add on some hint of the flowered scarf, jacket or anything else to the appearance.

12. Low Twisted Donuts

The hairstyle is created by twisting the hair on the two side-parting it in the middle and making it into a low doughnut.

13. Blond-highlighted Half-up Space Bun

Another way of playing it like a child is wearing the hair into a Half-up Space Bun. The blonde highlights look like an ombre below when pulled up as a Bun.

14. Braided Ballerina Bun

Keep the Ballerina Bun look a little stylish by braiding the strands of hair before pulling it up as a Bun. Highlights can fake the denseness of hair.

15. Platinum Double Side-braided Waves

Platinum has become the colour for some years. Go a little mature with this platinum waves. The braids always showcase your cute personality.

16. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braid can be done to any texture and size of the hair, but it gives the best look on the long and straight hair. The highlights can adorn the hair better.

17. Two-side French Braid with a Single-pony

The french braid to a Balayage hair gives the contrast of colours, and when it is braided two-sides, the variation can be seen even more.

18. Low Loose twisted-Bun with puff

The Low Loosely Twisted bun is in between the classic tight Buns and the Messy Bun. They are very casual, and the bulge adds elegance to you. You can always wear your metallic hair jewels for the class.

19. Up-Braided Space Bun 

The cute braids are braided upward from the bottom to give a different idea to put up a Bun. The platinum hue is doing wonders to the hairstyle.

20. Parallel cornrows

If you want to flaunt your cute facial structure, then the Parallel Cornrows are the way to go. You can also have the Box Braids if you like large twists.

21. Cute Love hair

The love on your hair is for those people who do not hesitate to show off their passion towards the loved ones in front of the world. These are one of the simple and cute hairstyles.

22. Rainbow Half-up Bun

If you think only the Buns aren’t good enough to show the cute and fun loving child inside you, then you can bring out the craziness by the Rainbow hairs.

23. Half-up Front Rows and Rolls

Front rows are the best way to get the hair out of your face. Showing your facial structure can give you an extra look and flaunt your face well.

24. Two-sided French Braid

The two-side braids have always been the hairstyle for your school days. You can still fashion it up with your casual jeans and t-shirt even if you are not going to school anymore.

25. Lob

Lobs are the cute hairstyle for the short hair. You automatically look adorable and sweet with the Long Bobs.

26. Braids Waves and Bows

What can be more lovely than the braids, Waves and Bows to a hair? The strands of braids attached to the colourful artificial Bow gives the princess vibes to the perfect waves.

27. Crown Waterfall Braid

The braids are done in such a way that they create a crown around the head. The contrast due to the twist of balayage exactly fakes the tiara.

28. Half-twist Messy Curls

Messier the hair is dense and heavy the hair looks. Give a volume to your hair messing it up a little. You can always create the mess with the comb by running the comb under the hair towards the roots.

29. Half-up Loose Low Knot

The loosened up low knot is entire of a cute hairstyle for the lazy person who wants to look better with the low maintenance. You can always braid the remaining side hair if you have a little time.

30. Messy Side Four-strand Braid with a Low twist

Get trendy and fashionable with the Braids, Buns and wear a jeans jacket to get into the fashion.

31. Half-up Bow and Braid

Homecoming is the function to show your better self with the way you dress up. The natural hair bow and the fishtail can be your hair-do for this function.

32. Front Top Braided Knot

Knots are already cute enough to prove any point and addition of the braids to make a knot are a perfect hairstyle for any size of hair as the twists are done at the top.

33. Layered Pony with Puff

Layered Pony came into popularity and was used by many celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce, etc. to give volume to the hair. It is one of the glam looks of the 90’s and is still done my new celebrities.

34. Sleek Pony with Cute Bow

How cute are the Sleek Ponytail and the Bow with the lace created by rolling the hair into two part? You daughter will rock her formal function with the Bow and a suit.

35. High Layered Bun

The Layered High Bun is the Wedding Bun put on by the Brides to look healthy and queenly. Accessorise your Bun with hair jewels to shine on.

36. Fishtail Crown

The fishtail crown looks fresh and pretty master pieced Jewel. The pulled out hair, black bow and the black dress pair good with the crown creation.

37.  Bohemian few strand Fishtail

The headband with the free-flowing grey platinum hair and few fishtail braids are fairy-like. Wear accessories and showcase your makeup skills to embellish the look.

38. Long Layered Ponytail

Do you work in the fashion industry? The Layered Pony can be one of your best hairstyles for the work to look sassy, classy and sweet.

39. Front Row Braid

Front Rows has both benefits of having the hair out of your face and making you look cute.

40. Face-framing Bangs with Knot

Want to turn heads when you pass by people? The classy face framing Bangs are just the right hair-do. The Knot is cute enough to go along with your bubbly face. Wear everyday makeup to go with the look.

41. Braided Side Pony

Does your daughter brag about her friend’s trendy hairstylist mother? If so you can always show off your talent with these braided side Ponytail to give your daughter adorable appearance.

42. Messy Half-up Space Knots

Messy is Sassy. If you are done with other various ideas to pull off the Lobs, then the messy Half-up space knots is another way to go.

43. Upward braids with Braided Space Bun

The Bun in the figure is created by braiding the hair from the neck towards the top and then the Bun is also formed by either weaving a ponytail to create a bun or by taking the braids from the front to make it.

44. Bohemian Side-braid with Bangs

The bohemian hairstyle was all about freedom from the rules of hair on work, school or other places and playing it cool as you desire. These free bulky braids with cute looking bangs are one of the hair-do.

45. Copper and Blonde Hair with Dark Front rows 

Playing with colours and the braids are the best way to give the beautiful contrast to the hair. And the cute Front-rows with the Sombre is undoubtedly competent. Watch out, ladies!

46. Two-sided Half-braided Ponytail

The half-braid and half-ponytail are always cool and if you are an emo lover, go punk it up a little with big black ear-pieces.

47. Upward braid and Crowned Bun

The crowing of a bun is a real new idea. The upward twist looks like the tail of a snake that has rounded its body in a log.

48. Root Fishtail Braid

The Root Fishtail is also a new idea that can be stored to your list of hair-do. The fishtail braids are done from the root ends where only regular twists, Dutch braids would have been done.

49. Half-up twist Neat Love Bun 

The Half Twist Love Bun looks like a hair-do I would try. The neatness of the shiny Bun and the waves are all I long to have.

50. Pretty Pony

Dazzle your ponytail before putting up into a pony by bringing the two strands of braid from the front pony. Put on a Bow to enhance the look.

51. Stylish Bohemian Braids

The Stylish Bohemian Braid is created by twisting four strands from the different direction to one and then creating layers of love shapes with rubber bands to make it look like braids. The touch of lavender to the dark hair makes the hair shiny and beautiful.

52. Braids into Multi-braids

Regular braids are tiresome, so if you have enough time, then you can always create the two-side braids and combine it into one to create this different twists of hair.

53. Lazy Low Braid

The Lazy braids are easy to create as it can be made by braiding the hair by not separating the strands. It is just messy mix-maxing of the hair to create something like Braid.

54. Dutch Opposite Waterfall Braid

The Dutch Waterfall Braids already gives me an old vibe. It is called Opposite because they appear like the waterfall but towards the top which is not falling but resting.

55. Plain Waterfall Braid

The standard Waterfall braids have the waterfall from the stream like the appearance of hair as in the picture. The waves give even more justice to the flow of water.

56. The Faded Purple Sunset

The shade of the purple, pink and shimmery faded yellow looks like the sunset and shows a high contrast of colours present on the hair due to the braid on the middle.

57. Messy Lob

Are you a detective that fights spooky crime like Jessica Jones? The Lobs are surely for you if you do the job. The sexy, fierce as well as the cute side is the characteristics of a Lob. Do pair it up with the Leather to look bold.

58. Sombre Space Bun

If you don’t want your hair to be seen weird when the hair outgrows from the colours, then sombre is the technique you should probably do. We already know the Space Bun’s cuteness.

59. Front Row Bob

Front Row goes along with any size and texture of hair. But if you specifically want to look adorable with it, then chop off into a Bob.

60. Front Row Waves

The young ones in this generation are much more fashionable than we were on their age. So if you are one, then this could be one of your hairstyles for your day to day hair transition.


61. Messy Side-pony

Messy Side pony always looks dear. The hair left on the sides are appealing and frames your face.

62.Twist half-up

Are you running late for the work? Tie up a cute twist to the half of your hair and leave some strands on the front to create this effortless look.

63. Side Braid Strand Pony

The pony and the braids remind me of how Jennifer Lawrence looked so cute and focused on the twists in The Hunger Games.

64. Mohawk Braid

The Mohawk Braids are created by braiding puffing up the middle braided hair to fake the presence of only the hair on the middle. The platinum shades also add more emphasis to the central portion of the head.

65. Top Braided half-up Bun

The large braid on the top middle portion is made up into a bun for the summer vibes around the town.

66. Two-side Bulky Braid

Bulk Up your Dutch Braid and braid it very close to each other to show the parallel nature of the two-side twists which might metaphorically represent your mindset.

67. Whole Front Row Braid

Give a whole lot of fairy appearance with the Platinum Front Rows braided to the tip. Wear light makeup and dress to match up the angel look.

68. Huge Bun with Side Hairs

The Huge puffy Bun gives you both the cute and classy vibes. Sass out your cute side-angle by letting your long hair flow towards the side.

69. Front Crown

Make a crown from the braids on the front top to give the feel of the headbands. Let your hair flow down with waves and rolls to provide a mermaid vibe.

70. Loop Waterfall Braid

Loop is one of the different types of the Waterfall Braid that looks like the crown on the head and makes you feel like a doll.

71. Colourful Braided-Bun

The Multi-coloured Braids and Buns are like the Galaxy having various hue of colours and the Buns are like the bodies on the space.

72. Waves

If you are going to a beach, then leave your hair down into a smooth beach wave.

73. Half-up Ponytail

The simplest way to look like a cute child is to pull up your hair into half ponytail and mess it up to portray the childishness.

74. Swaying Braid with Ponytail

We have known various types of hair braiding techniques. The swaying of braid from one side to another also comes under the braids to create a ponytail

75. Clean Braid with Bun

The upward-braid in Clean Braid is done in such a way that the twist is almost invisible and it is the tied into a Bun which altogether resembles a vase.

76. Half Low Head Braid

The Half Low-braid looks like the Low-cut Hair.

These are the cute hairstyle that you can add to your to-do list of hair-do to make yourself feel much more beautiful and confident. There are various ideas to style your hair no matter what is the size and texture of your hair or the complexion of your face. You can also create your hairstyle by mixing up the technique used here to create a hairstyle. Do feedback us with your new and unique ideas to add to our list.


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