Tips On How And When You Should Clean Your Engagement Ring Along With Other Fine Jewelry


When it comes to an engagement ring and other fine jewelry that you are wearing every day, it becomes important that you keep them in great shape. However, it is important to know how to clean these valuable items to ensure that you avoid any unnecessary damages.

Here is a guide on the basics of jewelry cleaning, so that have a better idea of how often and when you should clean a diamond ring or any of your other fine jewelry.

The Importance Of Cleaning Valuable And Fine Jewelry

Without a doubt, it becomes more important that you keep your rings clean, than become too afraid to wash the jewelry or rings too often. Unkempt and dirty jewelry can become a breeding ground for bacteria, that can later result in skin allergies or irritations or eventually even degradation and discoloration associated with the metals. Excess debris or dirt can also lead to scratching the stones.

Provided you care for your fine jewelry in the correct way, risks associated with causing damage to the jewelry is a lot less. Keep in mind that harsh chemicals, submerging the jewelry into liquids for prolonged periods and rigorous scrubbing can cause damages to your rings or jewelry.

How Frequently Should You Be Cleaning Fine Jewelry?

The frequency of when you should be cleaning fine jewelry, or your engagement ring will depend on how often you will be wearing them. For example, a diamond ring will usually withstand a lot more wear-and-tear compared to an opal or cameo ring. Because the diamonds are classified as a more resilient stone, you can clean them more often.

If you wear your engagement ring all the time, especially in situations that the jewelry is exposed to dirt, you should be giving your ring a gentle and quick scrub at least every 2 weeks. Go for a clean that is more thorough every month, and then bring the ring into a professional jeweler for professional cleaning at least every 6 months.

If your jewelry is more fragile, and you do not wear it every day, try to avoid the use of liquids too often. In some cases, all the ring or jewelry will need is a gentle and quick wipe down using a damp and soft toothbrush followed by a polish with a soft cloth.

How To Clean Fine Jewelry From Home

There are a few methods you can use to clean your engagement ring or fine jewelry from home. For example, you can make a paste of baking soda and gently scrub the jewelry with a soft toothbrush, followed by rinsing and wiping dry with a soft cloth.

Avoid letting home cleaning replace professional inspections and cleanings. It is very important that when you own valuable jewelry or rings, that you have them checked by a professional jeweler once a year.

If you would like to achieve that professional cleaning appeal from home, you may want to invest in one of the ultrasonic jewelry-cleaning machines. The quality and the prices of these devices will vary, yet they are effective when it comes to freeing dust and dirt out of small places and will leave you rings looking like they are new. However, ask your jeweler before investing in one, as these machines should not be used on certain types of fine jewelry.

What You Can Expect To Pay For Professional Ring Cleaning

If your ring or fine jewelry was purchased from a jeweler that is local such as, the cleanings and inspections are typically free and included for as long as you own the piece. Make sure that you find out if these benefits are included before the purchase. You will want to have a relationship with your jeweler, so that you can feel confident about approaching them when you need advice or help with your valuable jewelry.

If your jewelry on the other hand was purchased online or far from your home, you can expect to fork out between $25 to $50 for a professional clean. You also need to ensure that the jeweler knows about the jewelry you want cleaned. For example, don’t use a jeweler that has little or no experience when it comes to antique jewelry.

It is also important that you schedule a maintenance appointment with a jeweler every year or even more for fine and delicate pieces to ensure the prongs are still tight. It is also important to ensure the diamond or diamonds are not loose, and to check for any hairline cracks.

If you are getting married soon, it is also advisable to get your partner and your wedding bands cleaned professionally from your local jeweler. Most professional jewelers make use of sonic cleaners, steamers and other methods to ensure your jewelry is ultra-clean and maintains a high-sparkle appeal for your big day.

If your engagement ring features 14K white gold, the setting will start to look a bit warmer as time goes by. You can ensure your ring looks new again by asking your jeweler to rhodium plate the ring. Each time the surface of a 14K white gold ring is scratched it will remove a bit of the white-gold. This is why over time the ring will start to show up a yellow tone.

Maintaining Other Fine Jewelry

Similar to cars, jewelry is classified as one of the wear items. Precious metals and gold will wear away eventually, and a few repairs might be required. However basic maintenance along with regular cleans and inspections usually prolongs the integrity of the piece as the years go by. Ensure that you ask your jeweler about the best ways to care for your fine jewelry to minimize the risks of damages.

When it comes to diamond jewelry that you are wearing every day, give the ring a quick clean every 2 weeks. Make sure you take the ring for a professional clean at least twice a year. For fine and delicate pieces that you only wear on occasion, only clean every now and again and try to avoid liquids when ever possible. Bring this type of jewelry in for an inspection and cleaning every year.



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