110 Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights For You


Brown hair with blonde highlights gives you a refined appearance. Every girl has the desire to appear discerning no matter which places they attend. Regardless of whether you have a light or dark brown hair, spruce up your look with light or dark blonde highlights. Moreover, blonde shades are known for tossing on a very chic, outstanding and pleasant glance. The alternative for blondes that you wish to go for is undoubtedly infinite.

Below, are the distinct varieties of brown hair with blonde highlights hairstyles that looks utterly incredible. Take a look at these fabulous brown hair with blonde highlights hairstyle ideas and get vivified for a progressively refined impression.

  • Subtle and Supple Hairdo

Look stylish and noticeable even in your regular days with this subtle and supple brown hair with blonde highlights hairdo. This lovely hair shade will refreshen up your whole appearance without too much glitz and glam.

  • Wavy Light Blonde Highlighted Hair

Summer weather always demands something cool and pleasant. So, to look pleasant on hot summer days, combine light or dark brown hair with white toned blonde highlights. Further, take a curling rod and create big beachy waves for an eye-catching glance.

  • Light Shaded Updo

Are you amongst those who prefer light hair tints over dark? To get that satisfied why don’t you take this light brown hair with blonde highlights as an impulse? Moreover, this light tinted updo looks the best for ladies with fair skin complexion.

  • Messy Twisted Half Up Hairstyle

Every ladies feel glad when they receive compliments for their looks, isn’t that correct? Do you also wish to get compliments and be flattered? Try this messy but gorgeous twisted half-up hairstyle. To get this look, apply a light blonde tint on your natural brown hair and create light waves. Further, take thick strands of your hair from any position on both the sides, twist it and form a knot at the center.

  • Braided Wavy Hairdo

At seldom times, it is essential to revamp your normal brown hair. Like in the image over, you can include a pinch of radiance with caramel blonde highlights flowing towards the end. Consequently, create a wavy texture by leaving your hair braided on slightly damp hair overnight.

  • Tip Highlighted Hairdo

Looking stylish and setting the trend all depends upon yourself. This dark hair followed by the light highlighted tip is excellent for any season. If you are interested in this trendy look, definitely opt for it any vaunt it any time, any day without having a second thought.

  • Honey Blonde Highlighted Updo

Do you want to append some flair to your brunette brown hair? If yes, apply a lighter tone of honey blonde highlights which yields an astounding contrast and luster to your hair and overall impression. Also, you can wear your brown hair with blonde highlights on any form you want yet the light waves throw a fashionably elegant and sophisticated flash.

  • Dark Hair With Thick Blonde Highlights

The hairdos mentioned above are utterly daring and chic. The dark shade underneath accompanied by light highlights above is all that you need to seem striking. Besides, this style will suit all the ladies out there regardless of their skin complexion and age.

  • Medium Hairstyle

As it is apparent in the picture above that, this updo has a maximum whitish blonde tone applied all over the hair. If you find this engaging and capable enough to make the compliments flow like a flood, as you hairstylist to recreate this look on you.

  • Shoulder Length Updo

Shoulder length hairstyles are complimenting, flexible and upscale. To make the hair appear more tantalizing, opt for blonde highlights on either light or dark brown hair. Additionally, let your hair free as straight, wavy or twists, and you are prepared to go.

  • Soft Curls Hairdo

Have you got a plan to go on a date with your love? That being the case, you prefer to look gorgeous, don’t you?  To prepare that sumptuous glance, first, update your brown hair with golden blonde balayage and finish it off with soft curls. It will give you a very romantic look.

  • The  Dark Shade

All the girls are beautiful in their way. Girls can enhance their beauty as per the style that suits the best. Now, talking about the hair tint, some ladies prefer only the darker shade or just dark hues might suit them the best. So, to have that criteria level satisfied, ask the hairstylist to recreate the hairstyle as above for you. It’s incredible!

  • Golden Highlights

If you want something extravagant to pop up daily, this is the hairstyle that you should select. This golden highlight has that allure to grab the attention of the crowd and looks fabulous wavy or curly.

  • Perfect Layers

Layers! It is one sort of a haircut that has different charm and enticement yet is very easygoing. To make the layers appear more tempting, endeavor any one of the highlighted techniques as mentioned above.

  •  Icy Blonde Highlighted Updo

The ash brown hair looks even more tempting and lovely with the icy blonde highlights. Moreover, the layers add more poise to the appearance. It will be an astonishment if there’s something better than this ash brown highlighted updo.

  • Light Blonde Highlights on Natural Hair

Are you a little skeptical about applying light blonde to your full hair? However, do you wish to modernize your natural hair look? An attempt for highlights would be the best for situations as such.

  • Curls at the Bottom

The curls at the tip like in the pictures here seem lovely and charming. Further, magnify the twists with blonde highlights.

  • Light Blonde Balayage 

This light blonde balayage is astounding. It requires low upkeep however if you need to take the shade to a next dimension lighter shade, it may require more care. This haircut is awe-inspiring, and young ladies with all hair types can flourish this shade.

  • Beach Style

Spending a trip by the beach is an entirely excellent idea yet it may be troublesome for young ladies to deal with the hair and look up-to-date. To avoid that trouble, first, apply on blonde lowlights on your brown hair and complete it off by creating waterfall braids. An utterly gorgeous and noteworthy look will be prepared for you to flaunt by the shoreline.

  • Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle

If you are in a dilemma regarding what sort of hairdo to strive for your particular function, you can without a doubt opt for this hairstyle. The natural looking brown hair with blonde highlights and styled as half up half down will give you a pleasingly ingenious and simple glimpse.

  • Middle Partitioned Sleek Hairdo

Is looking strong, vivid, and clear in appearance you fashion statement? This haircut will in actuality enable you to keep up your style articulation and seem much progressively audacious.

  • Short Hairstyles- Mid Length

Short mid-length haircuts enable you to seem modish. The ideal finished layer with highlights goes with this style superbly! Also, this style is exceptionally adaptable and suits every one of the women.

  • Short Hairstyles- Pixie

Girls who dare to experiment styles that never done before, the pixie is for you. The short pixie hairdo takes guts. However, the result is justified, despite all the trouble. Attractively boyish and beautiful, yet very sophisticated.

  • Short Hairstyles -Bob

Do you want crisp updo? Take a stab at adding some profundity to your hair with one of these prominent short layered bob hairstyles with blonde highlights!

  • Gleaming Style

This light curls and waves on mid-length brown hair with dark or light toned highlights will flatter any skin tones and face shape. Besides, this style is flawless for ladies who wish to appear gleaming and be in the spotlight.

  • Black Hair Highlights

Are you searching for intensifying natural dark hair with brilliantly highlighted strands? The above appeared are distinct and unique highlighted updo. Be that as it may, remember that adding features to dark hair can be a significant sensational hair shading change so, visit an expert beautician as it requires a lengthy procedure to accomplish the extravagant impression.

  • Brown Hair With Platinum Balayage

The dark roots followed by platinum balayage is fabulous. This platinum balayaged hairdo gives you a fresh glance. Also, the longer the hair, the more enticing the style looks.

  • The Trendy Style

Have you noticed that the most trending and familiar highlights are the ones as referenced in the picture above? You needn’t bother with the most beautiful blonde for additional effects. Besides, more extravagant gold highlights at the end have a significant impression on a highlighted result.

  • Messy Hairstyles

A clean, and flawlessly combed hair all the time might seem tedious to you and others as well. Henceforth, try this brown hair with blonde highlights finished off in a messy wavy manner. Anyone can pull off this look for casual days.

  •  Simplistic Updo

Ever wished you could toss a quirky poise with a simple updo? The secret to accomplishing this basic look on easygoing outfits is to decide on blonde features of your choice on brown hair. You can go on different shade range, but, remember that vibrant the shades, the less straightforward it will look.

  •  Light Tinged Hairdo

Append fascinating pop to your light brown hair with blonde highlights of lighter tinge. The contrast looks undoubtedly perfect. Besides, leave your hair loose to let that highlights pop-up and make your entire appearance appear beautiful.

  • Dark Hues

Have you got gorgeous voluminous hair and felt like enhancing it? For that, you need to take some time out and add dark brown hair with caramel highlights. Moreover, you can opt for light waves for a more stylish presentation.

  • Quirky Hairstyles With Red Highlights

Are you expecting to intensify your inner glamour? The light features with dull and energetic shade underneath will work. It will make an unexpected logical variance, yielding off a chic style. In conclusion, solicit your hairdresser to reproduce any from these styles on you that you have your eyes adhered and that’s sure to turn heads wherever you go.

  • Distinct Wavy Styles

As of now, you might have already been clear about the charm and poise that wavy hair tosses, haven’t you? Here, we have mentioned different varieties of wavy hairstyle which is incredible for you to boast on your regular or party days. Further, if you endeavor curved style on brown hair with blonde highlights, it will be like icing on a cake. Also, these waves are effortless to form in both electric and nonelectric ways.

  • The Glam Hairdo

Do you wish to look glamorously classy? This natural-looking soft curled hairdo on brown hair with blonde highlights is enchanting and helps you appear glamorous. Besides, this hairdo blends perfectly well with your party gowns or any other dazzling outfits.

  • Long Hairstyles

Long hairstyles preferred by most of the ladies are very versatile. It can be molded into funky updo’s or even keep it very minimal. These long hairstyles mentioned above are simple, minimal yet so elegant. All you need to do is trim your hair in layers and enrich any shade of your brown hair with blonde highlights as in the pictures above.

  • Dark and Light Shaded Contrast

A hairdo with amazing contrast is in trend these days, so, why not try the dark and light shaded variation? The macrame updo on dark brown hair with light blonde highlighted hair adds a great deal of allure.

  • Subtle Sophisticated Updo

A subtle curl with subtle shade is an incredible decision if you need a lavish appearance. It’s likewise simple to make. The key is to initially apply a soft hue and make soft curls as in the picture referenced here. It’s all about a progressive change.

  • Amazing For The Age

With the increase in age, it is a must for ladies to appear fantastic and brighter. For that, your hair needs a minor enhancement. Like the ladies in the image, you can append a bit of glow to your hair with caramel, icy or light blonde highlights woven within the edges.

  • Pouf Hairstyle

Fortunate are those young ladies who usually have long and healthy hair. Those young ladies have plenty of choices for hairstyles to strive. But, here we have shown uncomplicated long hairdo for young ladies with slim face structure.

To get this look, apply classic caramel highlights to your dark brown hair and create soft twists just towards the tip. Once more, to keep away from your face look a lot littler abstain from leaving your hair and make a pouf instead at the front.

  • Dark Hair With Blonde Highlights

This hairdo features natural dark hair with icy platinum and copper highlights respectively which is excellent, chic and cheeky, all at once. It’s not difficult to maintain and keep up that trend for a longer time frame.

  • Blonde Baby Highlighted Updo

Aren’t you assured about switching up your hair shade? Pursue this style as above and initiate with a couple of face-confining layers of beige blonde near the front and finishes.

  • Transitional Blonde Highlighted Hairdo

It is an ideal transitional look. Young ladies out there, do you have a longing for patching up your personality more frequently? If that is the case, go to your beautician, show them this picture as an instance and ask them to recreate this updo on you.

  • Half Up Relaxed Hairstyle

You don’t need very elaborated styles to look cool on an everyday basis. This half up relaxed hairstyle would be exquisite enough.

  • Audacious Updo

One of the most fantastic hairstyle you should seek to get that audacious glance – a long hair with light waves and golden highlights with dark hair underneath. Contingent upon how you need to style, it will utterly change your glimpse to bold without exerting much effort.

  • Blonde Touch With Flowy Hair

Only a dash of blonde seems bright and enchanting. As like models above, endeavor cool light blonde colored hair with astonishing flowy hair throughout to compliment the face and whole aspect.

  • Chic Hairstyles

Every girl love chic hairstyles, am I not right? This style has the ultimate balance of ash blonde highlights on dark roots attended by romantic curls at the end to toss that chic glimpse.

  • Straight or Curly? 

On the off chance that you’re keen on blonde features, platinum blonde or ash blonde features might be more your agility. Those shades are more smokey, refreshing tint, and complimenting on nearly everybody. Counsel a  hair expert and endeavor for it. Likewise, let your hair free in a straight or wavy way toward the end according to your inclination.

  • Dark Hair With Highlights Underneath

Appending blonde highlights underneath natural dark hair revamps your glimpse with a great touch. It’s easy to be pulled off by anyone for any time of the day.


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