140 Exotic Box Braids You Will Crave For


Box Braids came into popularity when Janet Jackson appeared on the screen of Poetic Justice with her bold yet exotic hair braids. Since then many celebs with additional changes in shape and size of the Braid Box like Zoe Kravitz, Beyonce have continued the trend naming the original Box Braid as Poetic Justice Braids. Braids were the form of art, which was a tradition among African tribe during 3500 BC, which was a way for socialisation among the people because of the time it takes to finish a braid. After 1900’s many celebrities started a trend and invented updated ideas of braiding, that is when Box Braid came into existence.

The box-shaped hair division is what the Box Braids have named after. Box Braids are preferred by many people as it is a low maintenance hairstyle and also because it protects our natural hair from getting damaged from the sun or chemicals. The addition of extensions helps to create the Box Braids which provides us additional advantage of having any texture, length and size of the hair. The thickness ranges from small to medium to large Braid Box.

Things to know about Box Braid:
  • The braiding process takes about four to eight hours.
  • You can keep the braids for two to three months.
  • Hairstylist charge between $150 to $200 according to the complexity of the style.
  •  You can wash your braids every two weeks but can often clean your scalp.
  • Limit your swimming classes and do not run much out in the sun. Wash your hair as fast as you get out of the pool.
  • Moisturise your hair correctly before doing the braids.
  • Use good hair products that are recommended by the experts.
  • It takes a longer time to open up your braids.
  • Hair-fall usually occurs when you open up the braids.

Half-up Bun with Thread-wrapbox braids

Are you a nomad or fascinated by hippie culture? If so you will love the Half-up Bun as it gives you the vibe of a free wanderer. The thread-wrap and the feather on the bun satisfy the look more.

Long thin Box Braid

The Long and thin braids on the side are framing the face hence, complimenting the facial structure. The golden beads and the necklace embellishes your appearance.

Thin braids with twisted side bangs

Are you a student and don’t have time for maintaining your hair? You should surely go with this daily working thin braids and twist the side bangs to avoid disturbance. Wear nerdy glasses to complete the look.

Also see:

Top Braid-knot

Are you a Ballerina? If so you should probably get this braided knot with a white dress to look perfect.

Long Braid with a hat

If you are a very outgoing and sun lover, then the appearance is the best one for you. Wear a matching coat with the cap and showcase your makeup skill.

Half-up Bun with Multicoloured Thread-wrap

Twist the front braids and make a half bun with other braided hair. Wrap different coloured thread around the strands to bring out the child within you.

Magenta Braid

Attract the attention of people around you with this Magenta coloured braids.

Violet highlighted Braid

Adding a strand of the violet strand to your gorgeous black braid can make you stand out. Add gold cuffs for a classy look.

Long Box Braid

Are you a long hair craving person but don’t have it? Do not worry you can always have a Box Braid for it.

Black Braid

If you are a simple, loving person, you should surely go with black braids for your party.

Cinnamon Half-up Bun Braid

The Half Bun is unique than other because some non-braided hair strands are present on the bun which is crochet.

Side Twist with Violet and Electric Blue highlights

Are you going to a concert? Electrify the people around you with this twist and energised stresses.

Braid Bun

If you are up for a fancy dinner, the Bun can be the perfect way to showcase your beautiful facial structure.

Asymmetrical Lob with Red copper crochet

Add red crochet to the black asymmetrical Bob to give an Ombre look. Show your makeup skill to match the contrast in hair.

Circular Front-twist Braid

The Huge Circular Twist with the massive neck jewel gives an impression of a Queen like Cleopatra.

Long Braid

The long Braids are great for the winter. It gathers up the heat, and you don’t need to get out of style during the cold season.

Icy Platinum Ombre Braid

Do you want to throw a little chill yet untouchable kind of vibe? The Icy Platinum Ombre is just the hairstyle you are looking for you.

Side Part Braid

Side parted braids is another way to style your hair for casual outgoing.


Lobs are the easy hairstyle of all. The hair-do itself is fun and hence brings your inner child out.

Half Box Braid

Styling a Box Braid can be difficult on a daily basis because it is already a hair-do. Hence opening the half of the braid can be a look too.

Pink and Purple Half-up Space Bun

Pink is a colour of kind, calm and straightforward people whereas purple is all about luxury and proudness. Bring the high and low together with this Space Bun.

Jumbo Box Braid

Not everyone can go along with daily braiding hairstyles. But everyone will rock the Jumbo Box Braid because of its low maintenance.

Twisted Braid with Auburn Highlights

If you have an upcoming party, this Twisted Braid could go well with the fluffy skirts and good makeup.

Messy Box Braid

The messier, the better slogan has occupied the fashion industry lately. The agenda is all about being carefree and comfortable.

Mohawk Thin Braid Bun

The Mohawk Bun is the most elegant yet robust among the Box Braid hairstyles I have seen till the day.

Big Forehead Braid

Do you worry about being bald? This Big Forehead Braid will make your baldness beautiful, and you can wear it like you don’t care.

Burgundy Bun

Buns never go out of style. It is all about the comfortableness you feel when you wear it. Changing colours can change the look.

Marley Twist

Marley Twist is thicker than Senegalese Twist but thinner than Havana. Who knew that the two strands of hair twisted like a rope could be this elegant.

One-sided Braids

The model has taken all her braids into a side and styled it by adding some golden beads. You can leave a strand of twist at the front as a bang.

Half-tied Thin Braids

Pair a golden earring by putting your braids into a half-tied hair to a meet-up party.

Mid-parted Thin Braids

Zoe Kravitz is one of the beginners for bringing the Box Braids into popularity. The Middle-parted Thin Braids is her thing here too.

Rope Braid

The Dark Auburn highlights on the black hue makes the hair look like a bundle of ropes which is still a masterpiece.

Dazzling Braid

Are you up for a night out party? You surely would love to address the place with this shiny forehead band and the braids for the dazzling look.

Beach Party look

Box Braid also go along with the beach days as it helps to prevent the damage of natural hair.

Twisted Half-up Ponytail

Put your hair half-up and twist the portion and leave the rest. The  Twisted Ponytail is beautiful.

Dark Braid

Braid Box is irrespective of your complexion and looks good with any race women or men. You need to go carefully about your makeup though.

Ways of Braiding Box Braid

Either its a braid or a twist, short or long, brown or red you like, Braid Box fulfils all of your hair desires.

Till-the-end Braid

Do the braids till we have no hair left for braiding which gives a spikiness to the hair at the bottom.

Brown Braids

If you have a brown complexion, you can choose a shade little darker than your face and wear a braid.

Black highlighted Braid

Not only Afro people with natural black hair go for Box Braid, but the blonde also does it and look best like the other does.

Half framing and Half swiped away

The middle zig-zag parted Box Braid is swiped back on the one side, and another team is framing the face.

Twist and Knot Braid

Are you in a punk band? The hairstyle can be your thing because its a double up thing. You can go into your group and also to dinner with your parents just changing your dress and makeup with the Braids.

Spiral Braid

If you are in love with curls and waves, You can step-up with your Box Braid by curling it with an iron. Remember thinner the braid, better the curves.

Barbie Half-up Bun Braid

As a child, I always wanted a makeover like a barbie. They had bright hair and dresses that were fascinating. Look like a doll with this pink and purple hue hair.

Teal Jumbo Box Braid

Throw on some poison of your with this Teal braid giving a snake vibe for people to admire you.

Half-tied Braid

You can focus more on the work specifics than your hair if you go with Box Braid. The Half-tied is a good hair-do for work.

Low Half-tied Auburn Braid

If you have a problem with tightening your hair, you can always loosely tie your hair like the Low Half-tied Braid.

Red Copper highlighted Half-up Bun

Another one with this evil poisoner yet sexy look is this Red Copper highlights on black giving a contrast in colour. The eyebrow and liner are seducing than ever.

Parallel Cornrow

Wear everyday makeup with mascara and nude lipstick and accessorise with a gold ring and watch to get the doll look with this Pretty Cornrows.

Jumbo Braid Bun

What is more Queenly than this Huge Bun which can only be pulled off by a bold and upfront woman.

Medium Braid

Box Braids are great irrespective of the hair size. The Medium Braid is as good as the lobs and long braids.

Multicolour highlighted Braid

Play with some popping colours wearing this multi-coloured hairstyle. Showcase your makeup skills and wear a radiant glow for your lips.

End-opened Faux Locs

Locs are considered to be rough and tough. But you can always make it clean and pretty with the opened ends.

Platinium Braids to different coloured natural hair

The picture shows the power of platinum on different natural coloured hair. It does terrific with both the blonde and black-headed people.

Triangular partitioned Half-up

The partition of hair before braiding is tripartite. So it is also called Triangular Box Braid. You can always add highlights for creating beautiful marks.

Peanut Half-up Braids

The dotted blonde highlights that you see on the braids impersonates a peanut which looks hard outside but is soft inside.

Indian Look

You can pull off a beautiful Indian bridal look with the Box Braid too. Just wear matching large golden jewels with astonishing attire.

Green-hued Thin Braids

Stand-out with this Green-hued Thin Braids that is completely contrasting your fair skin tone.

Dusty Braid

The braids get a little rough with time due to the sun and wash. You can still make it up for a few more time if you can play with messy hairstyles.

Braided Crown

Crown up with this Braided Crown which is created by braiding the thin Box Braids into a Full-head crown.

Purple Braid

The purple looks are impressing with the dark complexion. Whether you workout or going to a concert, you will play it cool.

Two Side Fringe Braid

Taking only two strands of hair out to your face can make you look adorable.


If you are an employed person and have less time for personal care, then these elegant twist will do wonders for you.

Blue Braids

Turn heads with this Blue Box Braids. While you go to sleep, you can wrap your braids into a bandanna to prevent from pulling off of baby hairs out.

Corn Pop

The pop of Yellow colour on the black is magical and looks like corn beads. The greenish eyes stare amazing. You should work the lens if you have other coloured eyes.

Asymmetrical Lob with Brown Blonde Bangs

Asymmetrical Lob is just the way of representing you of a carefree person and the blonde bangs to contrast the hair add up to it.

Half-up Pony Copper Red Fulani 

What can be more Godly than this appearance to a crazy fashionista? The Fulani braids, those intriguing eye makeup, tattoos and Copper Red Braids.

Top Half-up Space Knots

The Top Half-up Space Knots is a Minne Mouse Space Bun, but instead of the whole hair put into Buns, we only take a half portion to create Space Bun.

Platinum highlighted Loose Top-knot

Not only women but also men go along with Box Braids and yes they nail the look. The Loose Top-knot has become the go-to hairstyles for long hair men.

Half-up Bun

People love the idea about buns and braid as it is easy and cooperative too. Wing your eyeliner and wear some rosy makeup to pair up.

No Baby-hair Braid

Usually, athletes rock the No Baby-hair Braid, but pop star look with the braid is just outstanding. The black is the code to look rolled up.

Ginger Top-knot

Ginger blonde is one of the best colour for a Box Braid. The picture says it all “Hotter than the summer” and yes it is indeed.

Red Mahogany Braid

Turn heads with this Red Mahogany Braids. The white rubber to the braids makes the look Ariel. Pair it up with the white outfit.

Down waves

Adults are not the only one that prefers Box Braids. If your children want a Box Braid, then you got to be more careful with tightening the braids.

Fairy Braid

Have you ever imagined about having a fairy who grants all of your wishes in your childhood? Well, guess what make yourself that fairy with these braids and spirals and live up to fulfil your dreams.

Old Braid

If you want a little mature look than your age, then you should surely add greyish highlights to your braid and wear a glass.

Forehead Cover-up

Some people are uncomfortable with big foreheads. If you are one them, the Forehead Cover-up Braid is just the hair-do you will require.

Ginger Asymmetrical Lob

Lobs are something that every woman has desired to have some time in their life and love it. Don’t worry if you had a lob already; the Asymmetrical Lob is still there.

Dark Asymmetrical Lob

Doesn’t she look adorable with the Lob? The makeup and jewels are right on the track with the cute appearance.


Another easiest and efficient hairstyle other than Bun is the Ponytail which is a way to go for most of the school girls.

Mohawk Braid

Earlier only men would take Side-cut Mohawk as a hairstyle, but now it is trendier among women that are bold enough to make their own choice.

Natural Box Braid

The thin Box Braids looks like a natural hair braid without the addition of extensions.

Low Side-tied Braid

Are you a rider? If so you will rock this stunning Low Side-tied Braid and leather jacket. Do showcase your makeup skills.

Huge Half-Upper Twist

The look is created by twisting the half-up hair from just above your ear to another side of your head.

Side-parted two side Twist

You can have the hair-do if you are going to a big event. Simply twist both sides of the hair and clip it on the back.

High Ponytail

High pony can be comfortable to work with, and it shows off your facial structure.

Middle-parted Jumbo Box Braid

The thick braids are middle parted and twisted back framing the face and have a sealed end.

Flower Knot

The half-up loose knot imitates a flower with the petals spread-ed outward.

Perfect Angular Lob

The Lob is just complete with the long front which gradually goes on decreasing on the back.

Platinum highlights

Platinum is the trend colour among the youth. Everyone has once wanted or have had platinum hair. But if you overthink platinum can make you look old, then you can have some strand highlights with platinum.

Neat Side Twist

The Neat Twist is a Red Carpet look. It is all classy and beautiful at the same time.

Rapunzel Braids

The length of the braids reminiscence about Rapunzel hence called Rapunzel Braids.


Kill the rich Mafia look with this caramel braids, glasses, neck-scarf and the nose ring.

Messy Bun

In case of any inconvenience, we can tie the Box Braid to a Bun like the natural hair.

Huge Top Bun

Buns are cute and adorable, but it can also get Bold and Heavy according to the Braids. The Huge Bun is a statement of boldness.

Tiny Braids

The tiny the braids are, more natural is the look from a distance. But the small twists are hard to form.


Are you getting into a korean thing? This patterned clothes and the half-up Bun is already waiting to be complimented.

Shimmery Half-up

Are you up for a change in your life? Shine bright with this Shimmery Braid. Showcase your make-up skills.

These are the most popular Box Braid hairstyles till the day. The idea of getting perfect hairstyle with Low maintenance and without destroying your natural hair is the main advantage of the Box Braid. Like shown on the galleries above, you can have any length, size, texture and colour of your hair with the Box Braid. Don’t rush into having the braids. Choose your style and discover different hair-do before doing the Box Braid. If you have some new ideas to add to this content, we will be happy to receive your inspiring and innovative recommendation.


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