101 Boho Chic Fashion Outfits to feel the Hipster Look


Are you bored of your daily styling? Are you looking forward to some exciting fashion ideas that will complete redesign your look? You admire others for their unique clothing while walking on the street but at the same time find your dressing sense as dull, unimpressive and gloomy. Well, if this is the scenario then sit back and calmly go through the Boho Chic Fashion outfits ideas discussed here.

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But before that it is necessary to learn and understand what we mean by Boho Chic. Boho is basically is short name of Bohemian. Chic means one who’s having a great fashion sense and is used in the same context only for the females. You must have listened people talking about styling like hippies. Hippie look is undoubtedly in the fashion from past many years and will remain popular for the upcoming years as well. But, if your aim is to style in a different manner or you want a little modern look in comparison to the hippie style then Boho style will work for you. If you love Tattoos than here is vast variety of back tattoo designs available and individuals can pick any one of them according to their choice, taste and preference.

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits

Boho look is no new concept as the same has been seen in clothing in the past as well. But, the same has got re-introduced or it actually got re-noticed in the year 2004 when the famous Sienna Miller made an appearance portraying Boho-chic style. The style took birth somewhere around mid 1950’s. It got influenced from London and has a strong association with Bohemian culture and actually gets the name from the same only.

The fashion style is very simple to understand and get used to it. It works on a simple concept of being natural and displaying individuality. One should always feel of expressing himself/herself while wearing Boho style. Flowing clothes which are much bulky and baggy are the preferred clothes styles. One should use natural fabrics such as cotton and hemp. There is no rule for this but it’s just that natural materials make skin feel better and more relaxed. If Rihanna could wear a silk nightgown at a wedding and look hotter than the hottest women in the world then why can’t you babe? Here is collection of celebrity fashion style outfits for you.

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Coming to the choice of colors, again there should be a preference towards earth colors. However, there is no rule for this as well. One can wear even bright colors such as magenta, orange and even fluorescents. The main idea is to feel good about ourselves and feel comfortable. It’s a key rule to any clothing and fashion that what even is being worn, the person should feel comfortable as it will enhance the confidence level and make you look attractive naturally.

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The main attribute of this styling which requires much attention and focus is the type of accessories to be worn. It includes bracelets, long ear-rings, necklaces and not only these headbands and wide belts are the prime examples of unique jewelry and accessories defining Boho-chic style. The Boho vibe can ooze through a wide range of accessories including alligator wallet, head crowns, hats, massive yet feminine rings, chains, etc.

Well did Boho-chic fashion move you? Are you interested in building your wardrobe with such trends? Coming up are some of the best Boho-chic fashion outfits ideas along with visuals. Give them a look.

The Long Shrug

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (1)

If you are looking forward to a casual Boho look, then this is a great idea. Wearing a casual top with jeans or pants along with boots and a lovely flowing yet long shrug will look much appreciating. Do not wear much accessories and try to keep hairs open or a bun may come handy at times.


Sexy Black look

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (2)

Boho-chic also means portraying a look that defines your classy fashion sense along with your individuality. This time try to look sexy in a black inner with black pants. Long leather boots with leather bag. A sexy black hat would also enhance the look. Do not forget to wear the half pullover in Boho style.


Knitted Boho Cardigan

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Undoubtedly Boho-style is much trending now-a-days. Moreover, the style can persist year-long in any season whether hot, humid or cold. Wearing a knitted half cardigan over casual top and leggings looks amazing. Heeled leather boots of brown color along with similar colored hat and a side-bag is a great sense.


Flowing gown

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (4)

Wearing single colored that too natural or earth colors in the form of a long flowing gown cropped short in the front is a great Boho fashion outfit. A cow-boy hat on the top with sexy boots at the bottom is truly marvelous


A little traditional

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (5)

It’s not necessary to dress in a modern and updated way. Being Boho-Chic means you can wear anything and everything in unique form. Wearing metal bangles with heavy traditional necklaces and a light natural colored dress with a lovely Boho-styled long shrugs is a good idea.


The flowing flowery dress

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (6)

Try wearing the Flowing dress with flowery designs. The flowers design is off course acceptable for many occasions. It gives a casual look and can be equally a party dress as well. The flowing dress is the main idea to dress in Boho style.


The bulky and baggy look

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (7)

Generally females wish to look slimmer and taller. Tight dresses showing body-shapes are always a preference. But Boho-style is unique. That is why wearing heavy looking, baggy half jackets and cardigans is the idea. Wear heavy woolen mufflers and shawls as well.


Round flowing top

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (8)

In the image, you can see a lovely look in a white cotton flowing top. The top is much looser than the body fit and gives an attractive round look to it. One can accompany the same with denim jeans and the necessary little jewelry.


Belts and accessories

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (9)

For a great fashion sense, one needs not to focus only on clothing and the fabrics. The sense is much wider concept. Boho styling means wearing right accessories as well. If you display a wide leather belt over a midi along with leather carry bags and sophisticated watch, you have done the justification to the style.



Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (10)

It’s obvious that every female wants to get the necessary attention and the required compliments from the men out there. There is no harm in looking eye-candid but one should do it in the right way. Carry the Boho styled jewelry such as criss-cross necklaces, wide bands, bracelets and tops or shorts with natural designs.


Umbrella tops

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (11)

There are loads of outfits which can be worn. Each outfit speaks the fashion itself. To get a pretty chic look, wear a cute Umbrella shaped top a little loose from the shoulders and let it go down but do not expose much. You can wear denim under it.


Being formal

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (12)

So you want try the Boho style at your work. Wear flowery pencil pants over a sober formal shirt. Carry the necessary handbag and a formal slipper. You can even keep your hair open. Goggles would complete the look.


Boho Diva

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (13)

Flowery designs make you look cute but trust me wearing antique and original Boho designed outfits will blow away the senses of many and you will look a complete fashion Diva. The natural colored shawls, antique jewelry, a broad belt over denim and textures long hunter boots is so exciting.


Trendy and naughty

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (14)

Looking trendy and naughty at the same time is a tough challenge. It takes years to master the art of right dressing. To look trendy, one should the geometrical designs miniskirts under a top with a long dark color blazer over it. To look naughty, wear the long stockings up to thighs with boots under them.


Lacy outfits in Boho style

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (15)

Lace outfits are completely a turn on for men. Moreover the Lacy long shrug covering half body and exposing the other half is absolutely an adorable idea. Under the shrug, one can wear shorts and vests or small tops. Combine the same with a long chain and a large pendant in it.


Long A-line skirts

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (16)

Dress in a flowing A-line skirt especially of chiffon fabric. The fabric will make you feel moving itself. You can even wear pullovers or sweat-shirts over skirts and complete your Boho look in the simplest manner. Necessary footwear and other accessories are to be matched accordingly.


Furs and coziness

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (17)

If the climate is much colder than you can think of combining your regular outfit in a Boho-style by wearing a fury half jacket over the top. The jacket will cover your shoulders and provide warmth at the back and neck.


Flowery jewelry over flowery base

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (18)

Boho style has originated in a natural way. It is about being close to nature. Flowers are the most beautiful part of nature. If you wear antique jewelry carefully designed over sober flowery designed short cotton top, you would simply receive the desired compliments.


Lace and stripes

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (19)

Being lacy and wearing stripes is a difficult combination, but with your creativity you can do the same as well. Wear a lovely lace top of light color. Combine it with the natural looking stripes texture short and tight-fitted skirt. Hairstyle is an important point here. Get a bulky and flowing hairstyle nearly close to a hippie look gorgeous.


Sophisticated yet natural

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (20)

You have to look natural but not earthy or poor. Sophistication can be easily portrayed if you dress as a Boho-Chic. Wear a shiny velvety a little flowing coat over a plain white colored top and a cotton skirt. The sophistication comes with the accessories. The cow-boy hat, a lovely and expensive leather chained bag, the metal watch and the costly bracelets are the key features.


Serene Beauty in White

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (21)

Wear a serene white colored loose long top with the famous Boho style jewelry. The white color looks completely outstanding and the unique yet stylish jewelry looks truly amazing on the white base. If you are going a romantic date with your partner especially at night then this is the perfect outfit.


Blowing evening gown

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (22)

This type of outfit is one of the most desired Boho Chic Fashion Outfits. Whether you go on parties, hang-out with friends or a casual meeting, the gown peculiarly trimmed from front desired to give a blow to the outfit in Boho style is best to wear. A short jacket over it would look amazing.


The art of threads and strings

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (23)

Traditional metal jewelry, wide antique belts, metal bracelets and rings are the identity of Boho Fashion. But to be a chic, you need to do little extra at times. See this sea-green colored Half Poncho with long thread hangings in the picture given below. It is a marvelous piece of clothing.


Embroidery makes it interesting

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (24)

You have seen examples of Lace, chiffon and cotton dresses. Here comes the embroidered dress. The thread work looks stunning and adds a grace to the Boho-chic style. The complimentary embroidered hand bag is too amazing.


Sexy shorts

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (25)

Wearing too short denim shorts under a translucent white top gives you a sexy look. The Boho style can be seen with the selection of right top and the combination of right accessories along with hairstyle.


Boldness and brightness

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (26)

Another rare combination, but boldness with brightness is an impressive combination of Boho style. The bold necklaces, pendants, jewelry and other accessories impress every one. Moreover, the platted long skirt preferably of bright colors worn under a vest and a bold black leather jacket is great.


Traditional touch

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (27)

Whenever we go near nature we understand ourselves better. One can try wearing multi-colored long straight skirts with skinny vests. The necessary Boho styled and Boho fashion accessories are a must to wear with this.


Mesmerizing Long flowing Gown

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (28)

This is probably the most indifferent outfit that can be worn. The Long-length Boho-styled Gown opened widely from the sides is a designer’s masterpiece. To wear this one must wear matching inner and a small leather hat with hairs neatly tied.


Formal look in black

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (29)

Black color suits many occasions. Rather the black base allows the top apparel to shine and get noticed more easily. Wearing half cardigan over black dress along with leather jackets and strolls is perfect outfit if you want to dress formally in a trendy way. Wear the right long chain pendants and put bright nail paints.


Power of Wool

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (30)

The knitted woolen short tops or a short sweater looks amazing on a natural color Boho styled Plazo or a straight skirt. Side chained purses are in huge demand with this look. Moreover, the wool adds bliss to the dressing and is good to go especially in winters.


Broad belts and Flat belly

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (31)

If you have a flat belly, then flaunt them openly by wearing body fitted Plazo or parallels combined with a short flowing stripped top. You can also put a matching round Hat on your head and little jewelry.


Power of leather

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (32)

If you wish to see the power of leather then match your leather foot wears with your leather handbags or side-carrying bags. Use bright color leather in order to visualize the impact. Even if the colors of your dress are light but still the leather will shine.


Knee-length Frocks

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (33)

Yes, we actually mean frocks. But the idea here again is to combine dark colored heels with the hand clutch and the powerful design in the Boho style on the frock.


Poncho top with shorts

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (34)

One can even wear the poncho styled top with laced borders and a Chic styled short leggings under it. This is a sexy outfit and may turn on your man in just no time. Keep your hairs open and the hat on head is perfect.


Boho style skinny pants

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (35)

How about wearing patched pants that too with completely different patterns. Moreover, matching the bold necklaces and accessories with the pant patterns is more appreciating and once done it sets a wonderful fashion sense.


Cowboy shorts

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (36)

Combine the cowboy patterns in the form of boots, hat and leather shorts with hanging threads. Wear loose cotton shirts above it. Moreover, the matched leather side-bag would come as a treat on these.


Knit and wear

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (37)

Wouldn’t it be great if you knit a woolen shrug for yourself and then wear it almost above any outfit? Boho style is all about this only. The loose woolen and hand-knitted cropped pullover would get the desired attention from all. Hat is a must for this as well.


Jump pants and parallels

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (38)

Wear the criss-cross, geometrical and traditional pattern long parallels or the pants in the style of jump-suits. The pattern of your pants gets you closer to the Boho style. Moreover, the art of jewelry matched properly with the pants and lowers is commendable. Do not forget to wear the side bag.


On the trip

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (39)

If you are on a road trip or a holiday with friends or someone special, then try dressing in the simple White netted and laced short one-piece. The Boho style will come up in the combination of traveler boots, leather hats, leather hand bags and the colored goggles. The idea is to relax on the trip and same should be seen in clothing.


Sweet, simple and standardized

Boho Chic Fashion Outfits (40)

Sometimes, to look great the sweet and simple look is the best. Do not overdo and let the natural effects play. To dress in Boho style, it is important to wear a blazer on a top with formal pants. Combine hat, boots and handbags in the nest manner. Little accessory would also make you desirable

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Fashion sense always comes with experience. It is not necessary that every time what you wear will catch the eyes of many. Sometimes, you may get fabulous results and sometimes your look may prove as a fashion disaster. It is also important that to get success one should face failures. It is not necessary that the above discussed Boho-chic fashion outfits may provide you positive compliments every time, but trying something new and different is important.


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