Best Motivational Movies for Students


College life is one of the most important and formative periods in the life of an individual. It is also an extremely challenging experience for many people. Under the pressure of the changes in the life and the mind of the young individual combined with the never-ending academic work, which you entrust to some legit writing services like EssayShark and buy an essay for college from it,  you may find yourself feeling conflicted about your college experience. So what can give you an actual boost of motivation for your college studies? You will hardly find the time to read a motivational book, what with all the academic writing and reading you have to do. In fact, a movie can also be a source of great power and inspiration for students going through college life, and it does not take as much of your time away from studies. Therefore, in this blog post, we compiled a short list of top movies to watch as a college student and included movies of different genres and content that can help students realise important things about their college life and aspirations.

Mean Girls

If there is anything to be said about movies about high school and college students, it is impossible not to mention Mean Girls. Almost twenty years since the movie came out, it has become an indispensable element of American popular culture as well as a must for watching in high school or college. Mean Girls is a movie about growing up, love, friendship, and diversity. You might be wondering how exactly this movie is different from other movies about teenagers and what motivation it can bring to college students. The answer is simple: Mean Girls discusses things which always stay relevant for teenagers moving into adulthood. After all, the movie can teach students the importance of learning how to set aside their differences as individuals and prioritize friendship and cooperation with peers over fights and silly confrontations.

Dead Poets Society

Out of all the movies in this list, this one is by a long stretch the most serious one, praised by many people from different generations. The movie is about a university professor who teaches his students how to think for themselves and stand up for their own principles in life. What makes this movie such a great motivational source for students is the special way in which the movie shows the relationship between a professor and his students. As such, for many of the students in the movie – just like for the real-life students – school and college was always about strict discipline, traditional methods of instruction, and teachers who could not or did not want to accept the struggles of being a growing young adult and a college student. Dead Poets Society shows how one university professor can make a change in the lives of the students and it makes many students out there thinking about the impact of their own teachers and professors on their personality and life, or hoping to find a teacher that will give them proper guidance.

Richard Says Goodbye

Talking about movies portraying college life, a recent movie starring the Hollywood star Johnny Depp might be of specific interest to students. Like Dead Poets Society, the plot of this movie revolves around an eccentric professor who is set on teaching his students in his own special way. Despite its focus on the struggles of being a college professor, the movie contains some important lessons for students as well. Despite the ironic tone of the movie and the cynical nature of the main character, there are many scenes in the movie which offer inspiration and motivation for students. For example, it teaches students that they should attend classes and read books in college with a purpose, instead of just ‘occupying the space’ in the classroom and reading without thinking. Apart from that, the movie proves, once again, that there are different professors that can create a lasting impression on students, either positive or negative, and that a simple task of reading a novel for class can transform a student’s outlook on life.

10 Things I Hate About You

College life is not all about attending lectures, writing academic papers, and trying to find your own path in life. For many students, it is also about love, friendship, and peer pressure. And there is no surprise here, as many students out there would rather ask someone to help them with their written academic assignment so that they can enjoy the extra time to communicate in their friend group or invest in a romantic relationship. 10 Things I Hate About You touches these important elements of college life and more. This romantic comedy is a classic of its genre, as it excellently portrays the romantic struggles of students in the academic environment. Apart from that, it demonstrates how college can be both a challenging and a rewarding experience for students as, dealing with the hurdles of college life, students become more emotionally and psychologically mature.


Whiplash is a movie about aspirations and perseverance. Throughout the college years, many students will have doubts about the path they have chosen. They may also feel like giving up when things become too hard to deal with. Whiplash is about a young drummer who finds himself questioning his talent, skills, as well as his determination to become a professional drummer under the guidance of a strict and unforgiving instructor. From school, many current or future students are familiar with teachers who push their students to the extreme until they either break and give up or become the greatest. The main character of the movie Whiplash finds his confidence as a performer after he faces the fear of his own teacher. In the end, this movie teaches us to be passionate about our chosen studies and keep on moving until we reach success. Looking at the struggles of the main character, each college student will be able to relate to the pressure of demonstrating excellent academic performance and the occasional feelings of insecurity and doubt.

In conclusion, we believe that these five movies can be a source of great inspiration and motivation for college students, as they contain important and powerful meanings, messages, and themes that relate to college life and being a student. Importantly, most of these movies do not have academic-related themes in the center of attention, but rather focus on the life of students, the situations they find themselves in, and the psychological and emotional struggles they may face while in college. Therefore, for each current or future student, the movies mentioned above should become a motivational tool to improve their experience in college and take away from it as many important lessons as possible.


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