101 African Women Fashion Styles to Flaunt with


Africa is the only continent blessed with different cultures, languages, food, clothing and people of all regions. Africa has always kept its traditions intact till date. We all know that fit and flare dresses flatter every type of body whether you are fat, tall, thin or skinny. African dresses are one among them because of their extraordinary style, uniqueness and decency. African women’s clothing options are usually ultra feminine and timeless pieces meaning that you can wear these dresses every year without any hesitation.

  • These African beautiful and flare dresses come in wide range of colors such as – watermelon, wine, deep red, turquoise and orange.
  • The patterns of these dresses are unique and simply attractive.
  • You can very easily wear them all day and night.
  • Another best feature about these dresses is that they are available at incredibly affordable prices.

african women fashion styles1.1

Also, African little black dresses serves as vital pieces for almost every women’s closet. They are easy to style and perfect outfit for multi-purpose occasions. Another great style to incorporate into your wardrobe is to use African prints as a latest fashion symbol as they never go out of style.

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African Women Fashion Styles

So, keeping current fashion trends and your body shape in mind, let’s have a look over some of the easiest trends that can be adopted and styled in a different way. Feel free to choose these African women fashion styles and dresses from head to toe if you are really feeling them suitable for you.

Short Skater Skirts

african women fashion styles0001

You can show a large portion of your legs by wearing short skirts that are above the knee length. These plain skirts when paired with florescent colored tops, looks absolutely gorgeous. Big flower prints on top add extra charm to your look and this is the perfect style for going out in summers with friends.

Loose Parallel

african women fashion styles0011

The African dresses options are endless. You can turn African fabric into whatever style you imagine with the help of perfect tailor. This dress is perfect for all body shapes, but its unique pattern and short jacket on top makes this dress completely stand out from the crowd.

Baby Doll Dress

african women fashion styles0021

We had given this dress the baby doll tag as it looks quite pretty and the combination of yellow-red printed skirt with white top looks classy on young girls. The dress is made of 100% rayon, comfortable to wear and suitable for medium waist women.

Afghani Diva Look

african women fashion styles0031

Afghani’s are good choice for evening wear because they really work well to hide your larger bust. Both the front and the back of the dress look great. They give a slimming effect to your appearance and suits well on African women having curly hair.

Denim Beauty

african women fashion styles0041

You can achieve this simple look of elegance and royalty by wearing perfect blue color during hot summers. To add more vibration to your style carrying dark colored side hand bags is a suitable choice. The dress is made of 100% cotton material and cool to wear.

Slim Waist Impact

african women fashion styles0051

African women love to show off their waist when they go out for late night parties with their friends. So, choosing plain short tops with printed leggings and also adding an elegant pair of shoes to it, makes you look totally different from others and create a balance to your outfit.

Hot and Sexy Look

african women fashion styles0061

Gone are those days were a girl use to be treated as a slave of the family. Now, modernization has replaced everything, even the thinking of the people has become more advanced. The girl wearing white top with short black pant is a symbol of today’s modern and sexy African diva.

Batik Flare Dress

african women fashion styles0071

Batik prints with contemporary touch in it are on huge demand and are becoming quite popular among African women from past few years. This is an inspirational dress if you are looking for a balance outfit between elegance and sexiness. The stuff of the dress is extremely fabulous.

Style Lover

african women fashion styles0081

The simplicity and the style of this dress is on top of the world. The dress shows out your genuine love towards fashion. You can match descent ornaments with it and make them as your statement pieces. The fabric used is pure chiffon which is very comfortable when worn.

Pencil-Shape Skirt

african women fashion styles0091

There is no doubt that this dress is perfect for official meetings. Peach color mini skirt matching with a pink colored top is a favorite choice of most of the African ladies. The dress enhances your presentation and boosts your confidence when you are in a meeting.

Skinny Hipster

african women fashion styles0101

If you are searching for a perfect African style, then you don’t have to go anywhere. Choosing this skinny colorful hipster will satisfy your thirst. The pattern of this dress is very unique and look simply attractive and descent on all different age women. The whole attire looks great if you match long golden earrings with it.

Summer Perfect Dress

african women fashion styles0111

It’s true that not all trends look good on all body shapes, so it’s very important to know the right clothes for your body type to be titled as a good dressed-up person. This dress is perfect for hot summer days, but will not suit if you are not well toned and if you decide to wear it, try lighter colors so that you look less heavy.

Polar Bear look

african women fashion styles0121

During the winter days, if you are slimmer at the hips and have heavy thighs and at the same time you want to keep up with the trend, then straight jeans is the perfect choice. Straight jeans will fit comfortably on your thighs and hips. Also, open blazers on top will create an illusion of a shapely waist.

Crop Tops

african women fashion styles0131

Well-maintained figure is a great asset that most of the women love to flaunt with. Wearing crop tops will bring attention of the people towards your look and more appreciations. Try to pair it with high-waist parallels for a balanced look.

Hot Glamorous Look

african women fashion styles0141

African women love to look like a diva on every special occasion that comes in their way. Combination of blue cotton top with same color denim jeans gives a glamorous look to the girl. You can accessorize this dress with silver bangles and sandals.

Smart Beach Wear

african women fashion styles0151

This blue-green floor length dress is an ideal piece to try for beach parties with your loved ones. The neckline detail of the dress is loved by most of the women. The color of the dress enhances the glow of your face and is one of the favorite looks for night out’s near beach area.

Flawless Dress

african women fashion styles0161

Royal blue skirt with white full-sleeves shirt is a suitable to choose for casuals and corporate wear. The dress is simple yet vibrant and elegant in look. This heart-throbbing and flawless combination is perfect for official meetings. It’s one of the unique African women fashion styles.

Photogenic Face

african women fashion styles0171

The diva wearing black and white dress shows most of the body curves that are perfect for photo shoot. A pair of round silver earrings goes well with this dotted dress. The dress is made from lacy fabric and gives a new definition of style.

Body-Fitted Short Skirts

african women fashion styles0181

Skirts matched with Floral prints tops are perfect for the evening out with friends and remembering the old days childhood days of autumn. It’s one of the trendy outfits in Africa at this moment and women love to make these skirts a part of their colorful wardrobe.

Floral print one piece

african women fashion styles0191

If you are planning to go out for a coffee with your boyfriend on a hot summer evening and at the same time you want to look cool, try out this large floral prints one piece dress. The dress is available in wide range of colors and textures.

Pretty College Wear

african women fashion styles0201

Young college girls always want to be on top in terms of fashion and can go to any extent to attain a slim beauty title. This blue full-sleeves shirt tucked inside the skirt look is very much popular among college girls and has the power to grab the attention of the people present around you

Slim Mom Look

african women fashion styles0211

The diva wearing chiffon maxi dress has successfully attained the slim mom look title. The dress is cut-out from shoulders and gathered high split detail at back. It’s light in weight and comfortable to wear. To add more charm to your look, you can try this outfit with long heels.

Floral Swimming Costume

african women fashion styles0221

African women are very fond of swimming as it relaxes body and mind from so much work pressure. This purple floral print wrap around is trendy and suits women with all shapes and sizes. It’s also available in different textures and patterns.

Killer Look

african women fashion styles0231

At the time of weekend, if you plan to go for a greenery view then let your dress speak out how eager you are. This dress is made of cotton and silk fabric. The round chain like necklace and the thick mascara applied on the eyes gives u a bold killing look and that’s usually loved by all.

Party Time Dress

african women fashion styles0241

The combination of yellow and pink is very eye-catchy meaning the color itself draws attention of most of the people towards it. The girl looks simply stunning as she has paired this costume with pink long heels and is ready for party. You can also try this look without any hesitation.

Magic of Maroon

african women fashion styles0251

Maroon is the color that suits almost every women whether dark, fair, white, black or with yellowish complexion. This dress can be worn both for casual and formal purposes and brings out a celebrity feeling in you.

African Black

african women fashion styles0261

Africa has wide range of elegant design styles that cannot be seen anywhere in this world. This two piece black top with full black wrap around is an elegant African style that makes you stand out of the crowd. It’s comfortable to carry and perfect for informal get together.

Love For Green

african women fashion styles0271

If you are a nature lover and want to show a large portion of your legs, then undoubtedly go for green knee-length frocks. These frocks can be treated as your best friends as they can be worn every day and the prints they are available in are quite bold and attractive.

Silver Diva

african women fashion styles0281

No one of you may have ever thought of ramp walk in silver attire. But, when this diva walked on the ramp from top to bottom covered with silver, she left a never ending effect on the minds of most of the people. You can also try this outfit for cocktails and late night parties. The dress is made from shinny shimmer fabric.

High-Waist Jeans

african women fashion styles0291

Having a smaller and medium waist means you can easily rock this trend into the air. Try to pair it with a crop top and for more extra glamorous look you can accessorize it with hat and boots.

African Bermudas


It’s a very colorful garment to wear when you are in a mood of exercising and relaxing. Some Bermudas have beautiful embroidery on them while, others have vertical and horizontal patterns on them. You can comfortably start your day with this outfit.

Too much to Expose Outfit

african women fashion styles0311

The summers are quite cruel in Africa as compared to other countries of the world. This is the main reason why women wear loose clothes like – maxi skirts and gowns. The diva wearing this open shoulders top looks chic and draws attention of the people.

Stunning Smile

african women fashion styles0321

Black is the hottest of all the colors and enhances your inner beauty as well. The diva wearing heels with three-quarter dotted skirt and full sleeves black top steals the show and is completely ready to go out for shopping with a big smile.

Sizzling African Charm

african women fashion styles0331

Many African women are inspired from these short one-piece gowns matched with long red sandals. The dress is perfect for all casual occasions and the fabric of the dress has African prints on it. The dress comes in wide range of vibrant colors.

Fashion Bomb Look

african women fashion styles0341

African outfits are too fashion forward. Women usually buy what they love or what’s there in fashion. This outfit is made from pure cotton and gives a cool effect to your body. To attain sexiest women title you can accessorize it with long heels and open hair.

Yellow Floral Print Outfit

african women fashion styles0351

During bright sunny days, we all love to wear light colors like – yellow, peach, light blue and green. The girl wearing yellow bold floral print one piece looks fresh and takes away heart of most of the people.

Trendy Orange

african women fashion styles0361

Orange color midis with matching blazer over it are in vague these days among African women. This outfit is perfect for freaking out with friends. If you are planning to go out for watching movies or a short tour with your colleagues, then let the orange color rule everywhere.

Dress In Style

african women fashion styles0371

Look sexy by wearing tight-fitted leggings with attractive tops. This outfit brings color wherever you go. The stuff of the top is quite adjustable and comes in wide range of designs that suits according to your needs.

Antique African Piece

african women fashion styles0381

Antique work is popular since historical times and loved by all. The diva wearing African red piece with antique work engraved on it steals the show and takes us to the old times wear women’s beauty is a symbol of historical beauty.

Black-White Combination

african women fashion styles0391

It’s always said that beauty lies in simplicity and the statement proves correct by viewing this picture. The combination of black and white stripes is above everything and looks pretty on young girls.

african women fashion styles0401

african women fashion styles0411

african women fashion styles0421

african women fashion styles0431

These are some amazing and trendy outfit ideas for black women. So, if you are looking for the same ideas meaning popular African women fashion styles, then you are at the right place. You can take inspiration from above mentioned cute outfit combination ideas that are perfect for summers. All these outfit ideas are worth buying and looks awesome on every women.

african women fashion styles0441

african women fashion styles0451

african women fashion styles0461

african women fashion styles0471

african women fashion styles0481

african women fashion styles0491

african women fashion styles0501

african women fashion styles0511

african women fashion styles0521

african women fashion styles0531

african women fashion styles0541

african women fashion styles0551

african women fashion styles0561

african women fashion styles0571

african women fashion styles0581

african women fashion styles0591

african women fashion styles0601

african women fashion styles0611

african women fashion styles0621

african women fashion styles0631

african women fashion styles0641

african women fashion styles0651

african women fashion styles0661

african women fashion styles0671

african women fashion styles0681

You can also add various ornaments, African boots and scarves matching with your dress to look stylish and upgraded in every aspect. The African clothing consists of all superior quality fabric. The fabric that is mostly used is cotton as it gives cool and soothing effect to your body. The pattern of the African dresses seems unique and descent from others.

african women fashion styles0691

african women fashion styles0701

african women fashion styles0711

african women fashion styles0721

african women fashion styles0731

african women fashion styles0741

african women fashion styles0751

african women fashion styles0761

african women fashion styles0771

african women fashion styles0781

african women fashion styles0791

african women fashion styles0801

african women fashion styles0811

african women fashion styles0821

african women fashion styles0831

african women fashion styles0841

african women fashion styles0851

african women fashion styles0861

african women fashion styles0871

african women fashion styles0881

The floral prints are on top most priority during spring summer season by African women as they are easy to style and comfortable to wear. Floral collection consists of different designs, colors and materials that can be worn with full confidence.

african women fashion styles0891

african women fashion styles0901

african women fashion styles0911

african women fashion styles0921

african women fashion styles0931

attends the HBO premiere of "Girls" Season 2 at the NYU Skirball Center on January 9, 2013 in New York City.
attends the HBO premiere of “Girls” Season 2 at the NYU Skirball Center on January 9, 2013 in New York City.

african women fashion styles0951

african women fashion styles0961

african women fashion styles0971

african women fashion styles0981

african women fashion styles0991

african women fashion styles1001

african women fashion styles1011

african women fashion styles1021

african women fashion styles1031

african women fashion styles1041

So, explore your imagination and choose your favorite design of African clothing that compliments your look. Always remember that appearance matters a lot more than anything in this world.


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