6 Tips to Make Fitness a Lifestyle Habit


Health is the most important aspect of one’s being. You cannot enjoy life to its fullest if you are not healthy. As we know good things do not come easy, and the same can be said about good health. The human body needs to be ‘fed’ with the right kind of lifestyle for it to remain healthy. It has been often observed that the people who are dedicated to staying fit by keeping their diet in check and exercising regularly, achieve more in life. They are even happier when they share with others what they know about the fitness industry. If you are one of them, then you should check out any fitness website builder, create a place for your tips and recommendations so you can build your own website, and share your knowledge with the world.

If you are at the beginning of adopting a fit lifestyle, that can be daunting at first but once you have taken a liking to it, there is no backing down. The entire process of becoming fit is rewarding yet arduous. One has to go through a lot of trials and “I quit” moments in order to be able to finally opt for fitness as a lifestyle habit. Following these 6 tips will help you with that.

1.     Find Your WHY

The most important thing before you even start exercising is that you ask yourself, why do I have to do it? Everyone knows how important it is to exercise, but still they don’t. Ever wondered why? It is because they do not know what their WHY is. If you can give yourself a trigger because of which you are willing to drag yourself down to the gym regularly, you will adopt fitness as a lifestyle in no time. A person can be liberated when their WHY is found and it is the first step towards adopting fitness as a lifestyle habit forever.

2.     Identify Your Weak Spots

We are not perfect beings. We have our flaws when it comes to eating or drinking habits. For instance, there are people who cannot resist chocolate or junk food while others are addicted to drinking alcohol or smoking. These bad habits are the weak spots that lead us away from a healthy lifestyle. These addictions or vulnerabilities make people stop thinking about fitness in the first place. The idea is that once you have identified your weak spots, you can deal with them in two different ways. You can either make goals based on these weaknesses or you can use these weak spots to your advantage by turning them into your strengths and basing your WHY around them.

3.     Set Goals That Matter

Now that you have realized why exactly you need to adopt fitness in your lifestyle, you need to set some achievable goals that matter. By achievable I mean that since you will be going into the fitness regimes as a newbie, it will do more harm than good if you set huge goals for yourself. Since you know where you lag in the fitness department, you can start setting goals to address that issue. For example, if your BMI is on the rise – you want to control it by setting goals that involve running and consuming fewer calories. 

4.     Find Your HOW

In this section, you need to look inside for answers. You now need to focus on HOW and WHAT. Ask yourself, what exactly am I looking for? What will be my method of achieving the goals I have set? What goals need to be addresses as soon as possible? Another important thing at this level is that you know what you are going to get from the goals you have set for yourself. Setting goals can be easy but achieving them is tough. This is where HOW comes in as you must figure out a way to achieve the goals. For example, you can set milestones instead of going for a bigger overall target. An example of setting milestones is that rather than setting 100km running in a month, you need to set a milestone on 3kms in the first 10 days, 4kms in the next 10 days and you can cover the rest and go beyond your 100km mark in the next 10 days. This makes the goals look easier to achieve.

5.     Keep an Eye on Your Eating Habits

A healthy lifestyle is not only about exercising; it is actually mostly about eating right. No matter how many kilometers you run or the weights you lift, fitness without a proper diet is unachievable. That is why you need to keep yourself in check and observe your eating habits. Some ways of doing this can be:

  • Keep an eye on the calorie count
  • Make sure you do not overeat
  • Eat healthy food
  • Stay away from sugar, sweet sparkling drinks, smoking, and alcohol.

6.     Reward Yourself

This might be last on the list, but it is equally important as the previous points. Imagine working at a job that promises great career prospect, but they do not pay you when the month ends. What will do you in such a case? You’ll run away from there. In the above example, pay is the reward you get for working hard for someone. It is important to understand that our mind loves rewards and it doesn’t matter from where they come if they keep coming. When you achieve a certain milestone in the journey of adopting fitness as a lifestyle habit, treat yourself with something you crave the most. A brownie, a drink or a vacation maybe, the choice is yours.

You are the key

Since you cannot function properly without staying healthy, you need to realize its importance. All the talk about finding your WHY and HOW will help you make the fitness lifestyle adoption process easier. At the end, your health matters the most. The way you ensure you stay in good health is up to you, but remember Health is Wealth.


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