5 tips to help you build a stronger relationship


Does it feel like your relationship is losing its juice? Are you in search of ways to strengthen your relationship? You are not alone.

Every romantic relationship has its fair share of ups and downs. It takes work to build and strengthen a relationship. No matter how perfect your partner is or isn’t, it is a job for two. It doesn’t matter your past experiences, you can make things work in your present relationship.

Features of a healthy relationship

While every relationship is unique, certain features characterize healthy relationships. People enter into relationships with different reasons in mind. However, one of the characteristics of healthy relationships is sharing common relationship goals.

You can only know this when you and your partner share deep discussions in honesty. Let’s show you a few more features of healthy relationships below.

Meaningful emotional connection

This is one way to know if your relationship is healthy or not. How much love do you both share? Are you emotionally fulfilled with your partner? Being loved or being in love is different from feeling loved.

The latter gives you a sense of value and belonging with your partner. Relationships shouldn’t be about peaceful coexistence alone, you must develop an emotional connection.

Open and honest communication

No healthy relationship exists without good communication. Being in a relationship requires you to express your fears, needs, desires, and expectations to your partner.

Communication can only be great if it is not one-way traffic. Open and honest communication strengthens your bond.

Doesn’t affect external relationships and interests

Here’s a simple fact you should know. No single person can meet your every need. When you expect your partner to be a superhero, it may be unhealthy for your relationship.

Sustaining a healthy relationship requires you to maintain your identity. This means you preserve important connections and maintain your interests and hobbies.

Healthy disagreements

Disagreements will occur in relationships, it is inevitable. How you handle them is what matters. While some couples raise their voices, others argue quietly.

Whatever your method is, you should feel safe when expressing your concerns. Conflict resolution should never result in degradation, humiliation, or battery.

Tips for building stronger relationships

It is very possible to neglect working on building a strong relationship, especially when things are rosy. However, it is important to make a consistent conscious effort to make your relationship stronger. Relationships require nurturing to grow. Let’s show you how to keep the spark in your relationship.

Tip 1 – Quality Face-to-Face Time

Even though love may seem abstract in many ways, you never develop love in an abstract state. When did you notice you were in love with your partner? Of course, it must have been after seeing or listening to that person for a while.

Doing that required a lot of attention. If you are going to keep the spark, you must maintain that connection. It’s interesting how the early days of long calls and spending time deteriorate into short texts and emails.

Saying a hurried “I love you” is not enough. Spend some time together, share a meal, see a movie, or do something your both love. Rekindle the memories to stay in love.

Tip 2 – Communication keeps you connected

Don’t get confused, good communication is not the same as spending quality time. Communication has its part to play in building your relationship. For one, it creates a feeling of safety that you draw from the emotional connection you build.

It’s simple, reduce communication and you’ll stop relating as you used to. You might not know the importance of this until you experience some stress. Communication makes it easier to work through challenges in your relationship.

So how do you keep the communication channels open?

Be open about your needs rather than make your partner guess. Many people spend time thinking about what they want rather than saying it. Don’t assume your partner knows, be direct. It works all the time.

Watch out for non-verbal cues. Communication is not only verbal, in fact, we do more of non-verbal communication. From vocal tonality to eye contact, gestures to postures, you must know what each means.

Don’t just talk, listen. Hearing is different from listening. We don’t mean you should agree blindly all the time, but be ready to make healthy contributions.

Tip 3 – Maintain Physical Intimacy

It is impossible to separate humans from touch. We feel better when touched, even from infancy. Now, we are not talking about sex alone, even though it is a vital part.

There are several other ways to maintain physical intimacy. A few include affectionate touches, hugging, holding hands, and kissing. You need to be sensitive to your partner’s intimacy needs. so even if she requests a realistic dildo, you should oblige.

Tip 4 – Give and Take is important

You cannot always have what you want, especially in a relationship. If you have the mindset of always having a hundred percent, you’ll be disappointed many times over.

You need to recognize what your partner regards as important. Never stick to winning when you have disagreements. There are times when you must compromise for peace to reign. Conflict resolution requires a lot of tact and balance.

Tip 5 – Be ready for challenges

Romance novels never prepare us for the challenges that come with relationships. They make it seem all rosy and dandy. In real life, it is never like that.

You may have individual problems or collective problems. Whatever the case is, you should never take out your frustration on your partner. It is important to note that forcing your partner to take a solution can cause more challenges.

No matter how bad the situation is, be ready to accept change if there is a need to. Finally, never shut your partner out.


We all want healthy relationships, after all, it will be nice to live a fairy tale. Healthy relationships require lots of work and commitment. We have discussed a few things to help you get a stronger relationship. Do you have any others? Drop them in the comments section.


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