5 Reasons Why We Need Women Only Events in 2021


Women only events are absolutely necessary! Traditionally speaking, most events have generally been dominated by men, where the voices of our women are rarely heard. Consequently, this limits a substantial amount of experience and knowledge, plus narrowing different perspectives. It is a fact, that diversity has multiple benefits, especially in leadership.

According to CNN, 2018 was the year of Women. Women are causing an uprising around the world. From those protesting and marching around for equal rights, to those bravely sharing their stories of sexual harassment in professional industries, sports, politics and more. So, do you accept that women are as smart as men? If so, why should you miss out on half of the gene pool? That is a valid question for both sexes. Let’s talk about 5 reasons why we need women only events from 2018 onwards.

We Have a Voice!

At women only events, female leadership can be much more vocal, without a sense of intimidation. Ladies can share personal stories and how they impact professional life (and vice versa) is not hidden. Women hold different traits to men. We generally like to share, collaborate and support each other, as opposed to competitive behaviour, which once again, is intimidating for ladies.

Growing Together

Research has shown, that women remain suppressed when they are a small minority. Women are usually a minority in business, sport, fashion and even through to hobbies and entertainment. However, around the world, there are women from all avenues of life who have and continue to dedicate themselves on the promotion of women only events.

One amazing example is Lithuanian Daiva Byrne, who recently chose to use Unibet in Australia and has become their Poker Ambassador. She runs a group for female poker players online where they meet up at weekly live poker stops. Daiva Byrne has reinstated the importance of women only events, where women sometimes find it very intimidating to sit down in such a male environment and win against men. The feedback she has received from the ladies in her group is that they certainly prefer women only events.

Growing Leadership

Women only events are ideal opportunities for ladies to show off their leading traits using typical women skills and exploring ways to excel without the pressure of forcing themselves to be masculine in a stereotypical male environment. Some women in male dominated careers or hobbies have felt the need to suppress their feminine side and focus on masculine traits to gain popularity. Suppression is not acceptable.

Networking and Support

It is a fact, that nearly all women have gone through an unacceptable experience from a male in the workplace. This can be in the form of bullying, sexual harassment or patronisation of a female in the team or event. As seen with the rise of the Me Too Movement, where victims of sexual harassment from all over the world have spoken publicly about their experiences.

Women Role Models

Women need great role models because also women have inspirations and aspirations. Sometimes in male dominated industries, women feel a lack of understanding or a breakdown in the ability to bond or confide.

At women only events, women celebrate the achievements of those around them, build new connections in the industry or activity they are participating in and support newcomers. Successful women make industries attractive, attracting diverse amounts of talent, thus allowing an interest in that sport, business, sector, etc. to continue and thrive.


There are people who see women only events as being counter-productive and others that see them as being purely a cynical marketing tool. But we sincerely believe that women can only benefit from the flurry of women only events which are happening around the world.


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