5 Famous Poker Couples with Inspiring Love Stories


Poker players are known for their composure and ability to control their emotions. But great love can happen anytime and anywhere. You could be visiting a real land-based casino, or following some online slots tips to play games and interact with other players – sometimes it doesn’t really matter, and these 5 couples prove just that! So, without further ado, here are the 5 famous poker couples with inspiring love stories.

Phil Laak & Jennifer Tilly

The story of how Phil Laak and Jennifer Tilly met is indeed an unusual one. The two first met at the 2004 World Poker Tour Invitational, at the time when Phil was at the top of his game, while Jennifer was still more known as an actress than a poker player. According to Phil, it was actually Jennifer who made the first move during that tournament and asked him for his phone number, so she can learn to play poker like him. Phil replied that he would teach her to play if she helps him with accessorising tips. They started dating soon after and became one of the most recognisable power couples in the world of poker.

Kara Scott and Giovanni Rizzo

Kara Scott worked as a poker reporter on pretty much every popular poker show sponsored by PartyPoker, where she had the opportunity to meet almost every player on tour. As a fast-rising poker player, Giovanni Rizzo appeared in the popular series The Big Game. The two first met at the WPT Venice Grand Prix. After dating for a few months, Giovanni Rizzo proposed to Kara in Italy, at the same place where they shared their first kiss. The two have enjoyed a fairytale relationship since the very beginning. They settled down in Italy and after that in Slovenia, where they live and play poker.

Tatjana Pasalic & McLean Karr

Despite not holding any significant wins in WSOP tournaments, Tatjana Pasalic is a very well known personality in poker. She has been voted as the sexiest female poker player several times and is also known for her reporting and blogging activities in some of the biggest poker tournaments. Tatjana and McLean came under a spotlight when she lost a prop bet to McLean and had to pay the penalty by turning up to one of the events in a skin-tight leopard catsuit and high heels. While certainly, nobody of the male participants had anything against this site, it gave us a glimpse of just how crazy and exciting type of relationship the two have.

Igor Kurganov &  Liv Boeree

Igor Kurganov and Liv Boeree have been together since 2014.  The couple had a wild and exciting relationship over the years, often moving before they recently settled down in London. Together, they’ve funded a charity project called ‘Raising for Effective Giving’. Besides philanthropy, the Russian poker player and British model and poker player love travelling the world and sharing their amazing adventures on social media. There you can see just how lavish and extravagant of a lifestyle the two share, but also just how much they love and cherish each other.

Chad Brown & Vanessa Rousso

The relationship that the late Chad Brown and Vanessa Rousso had was one of the most inspiring love stories we’ve seen, not only in poker but much wider. In many interviews, Vanessa used to call Chad her soulmate and Chad was never shy to do the same every time he got the chance. The two did everything together and were inseparable during the three years they were together. Unfortunately, their inspiring love story came to an end.


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