10 Unique Gifts for Coffee Lovers


The end year holidays are almost here, which implies that you might be trying to figure out that perfect gift for your loved one. You don’t want to gift them items that they already have or won’t use, so what should you do?

Well, if he or she is a coffee lover, count yourself lucky because here are top 10 ideas for coffee lovers. The best gift for your loved one may be just a couple of scrolls away.

Manual Espresso Press

A manual espresso press machine is every coffee lover’s dream.  If your loved one loves to get hands-on with their coffee, this is the perfect gift for them.

Coffee warmer

Some people have a habit of preparing delicious coffee cup only to forget about it once they are wrapped up with work. In fact, some people are so bad at it that they have even become accustomed to the taste of tepid coffee. If you know a family member or a friend like this, it is high time you saved them from this tribulation. Fix them up with a coffee warmer.

Coffee T-shirt

Fashion is one of the best ways of expressing our inner selves. With a good printed coffee T-shirt, the coffee lover in your life will have an opportunity to model their true passion as they move around the house cradling a steaming cup of Joe.

Coffee Molecule Necklace

A coffee molecule necklace is a perfect gift for a coffee lover who is also a science nerd or somebody who already have all the coffee brewing tools that they may need. They are available in gold tone, carbon black, silver tone, and rose gold tone, so you will always find something that matches the color preferences of your recipient. You can give the gift on its own or add an extra sparkle to a coffee beans gift.

Coffee Ice Tray  

This the perfect gift for people who love ice coffee. The ice tray will allow your loved one to make ice cubes from coffee, which means that they’ll eliminate the need to water down the drink. Most of the coffee ice trays are made from silicone, allowing you to pop up the cubes seamlessly.

Suitcase cup holder

Is the coffee lover in your life a frequent flyer? Is he or she always off to another city or state on business? Is he or she someone who knows airport Starbuck baristas by their names? If so, then you should consider giving them suitcase cup holder. As they walk to the departure gate, they will be free to chat or WhatsApp with their friends freely without the need to juggle with their coffee.

Boozy Homemade Coffee

Let’s face it: as great as the holidays are, spending most of your time with your extended family can be a trying experience without alcohol. A couple of bottles of boozy coffee is one gift that everyone will appreciate and love when you show up to a family get-together.

Got basket full of coffee treats

If you didn’t have a chance to send a few National Coffee Day freebies to your coffee fanatic, then why not fix things up with a gift basket full of coffee treats?  Wrap a few knickknacks with some a few coffee-related items you can find and you have a perfect gift. Remember, there is only one thing that’s better than getting a single gift—and that’s getting multiple!

Coffee Scrub

Give your coffee fanatic a spa treatment with a scent that you know he or she loves. Common coffee scrubs combine coffee beans, sea salt, almond oil, and essential vitamins to revive your skin. You only need to remember that the scrubs may contain some traces of nuts, so it may be appropriate for people with allergies.

Coffee scale and timer

Help your coffee fanatic take their coffee brewing to the next level with a little scale. Go for a battery-powered scale with a digital time to help them time the perfect bloom with every brew.

As much fun as the end year holiday can be, they can also be quite nerve-racking, especially when it comes to scouting for the perfect gift to give someone you hold dear. Hopefully, this quick guide for coffee lovers will help you settle on the perfect present.



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