10 Tips for Staying Safe When Online Dating


Online dating is a modern trend among adult men and women of all age groups. There are plenty of social networking sites and dating sites available for free on the internet. So people can easily open accounts on these sites and start making new friends there. Many people look for online dating partners just for making their free time more enjoyable. They love to meet people online and gradually develop relationships with them if found compatible. Some people are found to be really serious about finding suitable love partners and making long-time relationships from their online meetings with unknown people.

Though online dating is quite easy and enjoyable for all, people need to be careful about choosing their partners from the totally unknown lot. Often different cases of fraudulence come up to the light, showing the possible risks of dating online. So it is best to adopt some effective safety measures that may ensure the safety of men and women while dating online with their chosen partners. Hence, they can expect to enjoy the fun of online dating, without facing any risk in this matter.

  1. Verify the details of partner – It is best to research online through Google and find out the authenticity of the chosen profile of a dating partner, before going to meet him/her in person. Though the reputed dating websites always verify the prime profile details provided by their members; it does no harm in double checking the information provided by the chosen partners before meeting them face-to-face.
  2. Check partner’s profile picture – Normally, all profiles uploaded in Facebook or dating websites are accompanied with the current photos of those people. Then, it is best to use the ‘Search by Image’ feature of Google, for finding if there is any more profile in Facebook or other networking sites with the same photos. If any other account of a different person exists with a specific photo, then it may be considered as a fake profile and needs to be avoided or even blocked.
  3. Keep personal contact details secret – Facebook and reliable dating sites keep the contact information of their members private and invisible for all.  No one should share his/her address and phone numbers while chatting online with their virtual friends or online dating partners. So, people should initially communicate with their dating partners through these sites only. It is even wiser to use free Google Voice phone number for dating online, which enables to contact strangers without disclosing their actual phone numbers.
  4. Should not reveal all personal information – It is not a good idea to share all personal information to the newly chosen online dating partner. People should not reveal about their families, friends, workplaces, passions, birthday, and other private information when they meet people online. All these details can be shared only once the partners know each other very well and reach a comfortable stage of their relationships.
  5. Try to video call before dating out – Many renowned dating sites offer the facility of video calling to their enrolled members. Facebook and other social networking sites also allow video calls to know friends on these online platforms. Thus, people can easily see their online dating partners and get a clearer idea about them, before actually going out with them for dating.
  6. Travel by own or public transports – It is not at all safe for people to let their new dating partners pick them up or drop them home in their personal vehicles. So it is best to travel to and fro the dating site in one’s own vehicle or any kind of public transport if he/she does not own a car/bike. One should keep some extra cash in hand to avail public transport, to avoid a messy situation if the purse is lost or stolen
  7. Date in crowded public places – The first dating place for a couple should not be chosen at a secluded place that is void of other people. Since the online dating partners cannot be trusted blindly on a first meeting, it is wiser to go to a heavily crowded bar, restaurant, coffee shop or any other place, where lots of people are expected to be present.
  8. Confide dating details to a close person – A man or women going out for a date should share all the information about this dating session to a close friend or the closest member of the family.  He/she should inform the scheduled date, time and the meeting spot to that reliable person so that in case of any danger, prompt help can be expected from that trusted person. It is best to arrange phone calls from that person at regular intervals, to make sure that the concerned man/woman is perfectly safe.
  9. Remain alert and dignified on the first date – People should not drink too much alcoholic beverages on their first dating with whom they had met online, as they need to stay alert all the time while dating with their partners. Moreover, the food plates and glasses of drinks should never be left unattended during these dating sessions, as their partners may illegally spike their foods and drinks with harmful things for taking undue advantage of them. The dating partners should not be carried away too much in their romantic feelings, which can put them in risky situations.
  10. Carry some means for self-defense – The women have the severe danger of physical abuse from their newly known dating partners. So it is best for them to carry some legalized tools for self-defense, in case they face any immoral approach from their partners. Pepper spray, a sharp knife or any common thing should be carried in the bag while going to meet the chosen dating partners for the first time. Even men need to carry some weapons that can be hidden in their handbags, to be saved from sudden attacks from their partners.

Therefore, certain cautious steps can prevent men and women from many mishaps, in case they make a mistake of choosing the wrong sorts of dating partners. They can also get valuable safety tips from many dating sites, which may help them in enjoying online dating without facing any harm.


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