10 Biggest Winners in the Casino Industry 


Even though most of the games offered comes with high entertainment value, a lot of players have admitted that the opportunity to dance with the lady of luck and the tight uncertainty of whether they leave the casino with a win or not is the main driving force behind their interest. The last few decades have seen hundreds of millions of pounds – colossal sums of money compared to what winners used to get during the infancy of the industry – get won by lucky winners in casino games. These huge payments are one of the reasons why the niche is still popular today. Head over to https://smartcasinoguide.com/ and learn the ins and outs of casino games.

Below is a list of the top 10 punters who struck record-setting gold in the world of online gambling regarding by https://smartcasinoguide.com/:

#1 Archie Karas– $50 to $50million, then $0

This is one of the strangest tales ever told on the poker table. A genius Greek immigrant, Archie Karas’ relocated to Las Vegas with just $50 in the pocket. He multiplied this paltry sum on the table to place on even larger wagers. To cut the story short, Karas’ went on to accumulate $40 million in just 30 months. He actually beat up Stu Ungar, a poker maestro in his own right, and went on to blow the entire fortune in just 3 weeks!

#2 Anonymous ‘Peter’ – $38 million

Huge wins are starting to be commonplace in online casinos. One of the first stories of these outrageous wins involved an anonymous Norwegian (only referred to as Peter). One morning after many failed attempts, Peter hit a jackpot of 11 million Norwegian Krone (about $38 million). We never heard from him again.

#3 Cynthia Jay-Brennan – $34.95 million

Cynthia dropped at Megabucks Slot Machine one day and got rewarded with $34 million on her 9th try. This was the biggest Megabucks Jackpot ever at the time. She quit her job, married her darling, and traveled the world. In the saddest twist you’ve probably ever heard of, a cruel road accident paralyzed much of her body months later.

#4 Kerry Packer –$30 million

It was something in the region of $40 million, much of which was made at MGM Grand Casino, Las Vegas. Keeping track of this win is hard because Kerry Packer stacked a lot of it blew it pretty fast. He was a filthy billionaire to begin with, which is why he threw the cash in the casino without blinking. He quickly earned the nickname ‘Prince of Whales’ and big-heartedly gave out tips worth $1 million!

#5 Elmer Sherwin –$25 million

Elmer’s case is one of those rare stories of how lightning struck twice on the same spot. One morning, he walked into Mirage Las Vegas and bagged a $4.6 million jackpot. Sixteen years after that morning, he came back and struck another jackpot, $21 million this time!

#6 Young Engineer –$39.7 million

A 25-Year-old ‘Young Engineer’ (he was anonymous) won a total of $39 million in slots at the Excalibur in Las Vegas. He put all his coins in the slot machine until he reached the $100 mark only for the machine to reward him with $39,713 982.25.

#7 John Tippin – $12 million

A bored Post office worker, Tippin strode into the famous Gold Coast Casino, Las Vegas, hit a Megabucks jackpot totaling $12 million and left to squander all of it on his hedonist lifestyle.

#8 Amy Nishimura –$8.9 Million

Can you sweet-talk the slot machine into furnishing you with big winnings? That’s what Amy Nishimura managed to on the slots of the Fremont, again, in Las Vegas. She camped at the slots for three consecutive hours, talking to the machines! From a stake of just $100, she was rewarded with $8.9 million.

#9 Mike Ashley –£1.4 million/ $1.83 Million

Ashley owned Newcastle United football club, an English Premier League team. More importantly, he was a billionaire. When he walked into the famous Fifty London casino, he didn’t expect to spend more than 15 minutes on the roulettes. He was goaded to stay for about an hour and later walked out $1.83 million richer.

#10 Beverly Whitten – $3.7 Million

The retired teacher went to try her luck on the slots at the Mountaineer Resort and Casino. The particular slot machine she settled on was aptly nicknamed ‘Golden Chambers.’ After 2 hours of playing, she bagged $3,718,311.

Many other interesting stories of luck and good fortune occur in casinos every year. Who knows? You’re probably the next. Good luck!


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